Carmel vs North Central

  • December 7, 2012

Shot a basketball game for TV40 at my old high school Alma mater, North Central. I’ve shot many games there before, both basketball and football, but this is the first time that I have shot a game there on my birthday.

North Central lost to Camel 50-49I’ve gotten a number of birthday calls and greets over the phone, email and Facebook. I think that as I get older I would just sooner not be reminded about the date, but I guess that in the end, it’s always nice that a few people remember.

And North Central lost to their hated rival Camel 50-49. All North Central had to do was hang on to the ball for 19 seconds to win and they couldn’t do!

Inside Indy/Football

  • September 28, 2012

Other shoots that I did this week.

Some guest preparing for the Inside Indy show.Inside Indy
Shot four shows for Inside Indy during the week.

It’s always fun to do some studio work every now and then.

Jefferson High's Scheumann Stadium in Lafayette, INAvon @ Jefferson
I did some more Friday night football.

The 2-4 Lafayette Jefferson football team was suppose to fall easily to the 4-2 Avon team. But that’s not the way the game played out! Jefferson ran away with the ball and dominated throughout the entire game.

A far different game then the 46-7 shellacking that Avon gave Jefferson last year. Jefferson won 27-30.

Jefferson High's Scheumann Stadium roof. And this was before the coaches got up there.I was one of the game Cams on the roof of the stadium and the Avon coaches were standing right next to me the whole game.

They were not happy!

Camel @ Lawrence North

  • September 14, 2012

Carmel 63 to Lawrence North 0

To say that this football game was a blow-out, would have been an understatement.

Part of the crew eating dinner at Lawrence North High SchoolEven during dinner, everyone was guessing just how bad the game was going to get, and why are we shooting this game anyway.

The score could have been a lot higher, but Camel started taking a knee to keep from running up the score on Lawrence North.

Even the Refs during the 2nd half, ran the clock continuously in order to end the game quicker.

Ben Davis @ Warren Central

  • September 7, 2012

Rain, rain and then more rain!

High School Sport rules say that with lightning, you clear the field and stands and that you delay at least 30 minutes after the last visible lightning flash.

The start of the game was delayed 30 minutes. With a 7:30p start, we almost finished the 1st quarter before the school took another delay. A few minutes after that, they called the game and it’s a good thing that they did.

On my way home 20 minutes later, we got a downpour like I haven’t seen in years. Cars were stopping on the highway because it was hard to see where you were going and the sky was lit up with lightning bolts.

They will restart the game tomorrow evening, but I won’t be there. I have another shoot.

Chatard @ Roncalli

  • September 1, 2012

A number of the crew members eating their meal in our usual location. Right behind the Production truck.I always look forward to shooting a game at Roncalli for TV40, because in most years we get feed Original, which is a deep dish Chicago style pizza.

The crew is convinced that this pizza is by far the best that we have ever had, and considering that pizza is the standard meal on most shoots, being the best is saying a lot.

It wasn’t to be this year. Last night, we had pizza, but not Original.

Roncalli StadiumThis game also had a new component added to it. TV40 will, starting next week, Live Stream all of their games to the web. Tonight was the last major test of the system.

In order to show a game live, you have to be able to stop/start the game for commercials. The person who does that is usually referred to as the Red Hat. TV Commercial Timeout Coordinator. And yeah, they actually wear, a Red Hat.

The Red Hat has a Headset in order to hear the director and producer. When the producer calls for a TV Timeout, it’s the Red Hat’s job to get the Refs to stop the game. And it’s the Red Hat’s job to get the Refs to “hold” that game until the commercials are over with.

Well… along with my duties as a sideline cameraman, I was also given the responsibility of the Red Hat.

I now have the utmost respect for anyone who has to do that job! If you think that it’s easy holding up a sporting event, when the whole stadium is shouting for the game to start, think again.

It isn’t!

Other then that, the game was it’s usual Barn Burner with a Double Overtime. The Chatard Trojans could have kicked another field goal sending the game into a third overtime, but instead opted for a incredible 4th Down, 2-yard push to the end zone, winning the game 28-25.

Cathedral @ Warren Central

  • August 25, 2012

I know, the pan doesn't line up, but what do you want, it was a quick shot off my iPhoneI guess this was another big game because a few productions were shooting it. That’s them all lined up behind the visitor’s stand.

The camera booth was packed with cameramen.

Warren Central Football StadiumMan this has been a long week. A good week, pay wise, but a hard one.
I was sooo tired and glad when this game was over with.

Add to that, the fact that I hate shooting at Warren Central because they only let cameras shoot from the wrong side of the field, and also because, I have some really bad shooting memories here.

Warren Central lost by the way.

Columbus East @ Columbus North

  • August 24, 2012

Sports Illustrated rated the Columbus East vs North games as one of the top 10 rivalries in the country.

So this should be a big game.
And the place was Packed!
Standing room only.

But for me, the best part of this shoot was where we ate for dinner. Dennis Kasey, our Producer, generally has Pizza or Subway delivered to us. But every once in a while, he’ll take us out to a Restaurant. Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and MuseumAnd this time it was to a place called Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum, a historic landmark in Columbus, Indiana.

I must say, that this place had a lot of 1900 turn of the century charm. And the food and ice cream was good too. (Though, the chairs and tables were a little tight for some big guys like our crew.)

StatiumAs for the game, it was hot, weather wise. The game itself, wasn’t to bad either.

Columbus North should have won that game. For all the yards that they made, they had penalties that kept pushing them back. But still, with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Columbus North had a 16-20 lead.

All North had to do was kick the ball deep to East and let their defense win the game, but nooo. North shanks the kick return to the East’s 35 yard line and East marches down the field in under a minute and a half.

Columbus East wins 23-20.

Bishop Luers @ Snider

  • August 18, 2012

Spuller Stadium, Ft. Wayne IndianaWell we’re back into another football season and my first game was up in Ft. Wayne. A two hour drive for me, but I will be getting gas mileage.

The Bishop Luers, a top rated team, was suppose to win, but the Snider Panthers came out breathing fire. They controlled the first 3 quarters with a 0 to 10 lead. But in the 4th quarter the Knights, with their freshman quarterback scored a lucky touchdown and there after, their defense begin to tighten up and the Panthers began to lose their confidents.

The last 5 minutes of the game were pretty good, but the Snider Panthers held on for a 7 to 10 win.

I didn’t get home until about 1:30 Saturday morning.

Big 10 Rowing Chanpionship

  • May 13, 2012

Worked the Big 10 Womens’s Rowing Championship out at Eagle Creek Park this morning. As I did last year. I had a 5:30am crew call and we were finished and breaking down equipment by 1pm.

Michigan won its fifth rowing title. There were 4 varsity 8 races and 2 varsity 4 races. No heats! Just 6 races that took about and hour and a half to run.

Second race of the day.

Michigan wins it's fifth title.

Swimming State Finals 2011

  • February 25, 2012

IUPUI Natatorium during early practicesSwimming is not a sport I normally shoot. Until this season, I have never shot one. But I’m here shooting the IHSAA State Swimming Championship at the IUPUI Natatorium. A few of the crew came in Thursday to cable the Natatorium for 5 cameras + 1 internal camera that is fixed on the diving boards.

My camera position at start of raceSwimming Final Video

I’m working camera 4, down on the floor. My job is to pick up the start of the race, tight shots during the race, award ceremonies and interviews with the winner(s), and of course, picking up color shots.

Ian at camera position 3It was a long shoot, almost 4 hours. Our crew call was 7am, but the meet didn’t start until 1pm. Once we got our cameras up, we had over 4 hours with nothing to do. But we still get payed for doing nothing.

Diving is boring! But some of the swimming matches were worth Announcer's Position high up in the rafterswatching. The team race went down to the final event of the afternoon, the 400 freestyle relay with Carmel owning a 11.5 point lead over Bloomington South. Carmel won their third consecutive team title by a 246.5 to 245 margin.

Breakdown was quick, even though there were a lot of long cable runs. Our cars had parking tickets on them, but the production manager will take care of those. A 10 hour work day, buy all in all, it will be a good pay day.

Bloomington South @ Franklin Central

  • January 21, 2012

It’s the Franklin Central Flashes vs the Bloomington South Panthers.

Production VanI’m shooting these games for Comcast’s Xfinity On-Demand.

The production van that is used is very small. Only 3 people can fit inside. Some one to do Graphics, handle Replay and the Director.

The system is based on the Newtek Tricaster System. A all-in-one video control room in a box. NewTek TriCaster covers all of the main areas of video production, including live switching, video capture, audio mixing, nonlinear editing and project distribution via Internet streaming or standard definition video outputs.

Graphics: Dell Vostro 3750 laptop w/LiveText 2.0 & LT Scoreboard software

Replay: NewTek TimeWarp TW-42 TriCaster External Replay Controller

A small system, yes, but affordable. I wish I owned something like this.