Pacers EVS System

  • 2012-1018

One of the Pacers EVS Remote ControllersI spent yesterday and today learning how to operate the Pacers new EVS (pronounced, Elvis) system. I have been wanting to learn how to operate this system for a very long time.

For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, EVS is a video server that allows broadcasters to record, control and playback synchronously multiple clips, or in other words, it creates the instant replays and slow-motion effects that you see on just about every sport broadcast on TV.

Pacers EVS System with 2 Remote ControllersI’ve heard it all about learning how to operate an EVS system.
It’s Hard!
It’s complicated!
It’s not easy to learn.

Well, now I know.
It’s not easy, but the basics aren’t hard to learn either.

It’s all that other stuff that goes along with it that I will have to learn in order to become a proficient operator. This controller can do an amazing amount work on any video that comes into the system.

Pacers EVS ClassSince the Pacers sent out invitations to all of their freelancers, my big worry was that the class would be so large, that nobody would be able to learn anything.

EVS is definitely a hands-on-system. OJT, as the army would say.

But the class size was manageable.

The first day was spent leaning the basics. How to start the system, some configurations, controller layout, mark ins/outs of clips and how to replay them.

The second day was more about how the overall system worked and how to run apps like the xFiles and the IPDirector.

Now all I have to do is pick up some Pacers game to use what I’ve learned.

Pacers vs Heat Game 4

  • 2012-0520

Bankers Life ArenaI shot Fan Cam for the Pacers 4th game with the Miami Heat. I shot the first half and Frank shot the second. There was a lot of hope in the arena that the Pacers could win this one and take a 3 to 1 series lead. But it didn’t happen. The Pacers lead during most of the game, then kind of faded during the 4th.

Pacers vs Heat Shot ListI was also here yesterday shooting the Game Cam for the Fever game, which turned out a lot better. The Fever easily won their game.

By the way, you can find a better image of the Bankers Life Arena that I took a few years ago, in my Location Gallery.

Pacers vs Magic Game 5

  • 2012-0508

Moments away from victory!Fifth game of the series with the Pacers leading 3 games to 1. But this is where the Pacers needed to end this, and they did with a 105 to 87 victory.

Instead of High CAM, I was shooting Fan CAM tonight. My job is to walk around the arena, with a camera attached to a wireless pack, and during the breaks and time-outs shoot live Jacob at work during 2nd half.commercials with a host, along with a lot of fans that the other cameras can’t get to.

It’s a lot of running around and up and down stairs and escalators, and it requires, two people working the camera. I shot the first half and my Shot Sheetpartner Jacob Lindauer shot the 2nd half.

The shot sheet on the right, shows when, where and what is to appear on the arena screens during the game. The orange highlights are the Fam Cam shots and where and what we should be shooting at any given time.

Pacers vs 76ers

  • 2012-0421

I was suppose to work replay this game but I think that somebody cancelled out and I was switched back to Game Cam.

The Pacers didn’t seem up to this game. Most of the time, they played like they didn’t care and only put an effort into it in spurts. They trailed throughout most of the game, but came close to tying at the end of the first half and tied at the end of the game forcing a over-time. But they still lost in the end.

The next game I shoot for them will probably be a playoff game.

Pacers vs Cavs

  • 2012-0413

This is my third Pacers game this month and I only have one more game next week. I was shooting High Cam again, but next week I think will be working Tape. The Pacers won, easily, and I think they also clinched a playoff berth.

Pacers vs Celtics

  • 2012-0407

Cameraman's RowWell, there was no win for the Pacers tonight. The Boston Celtics just rode right over a Pacers team that just didn’t seem to be, all there. So, lets go with something else here.

When I shoot High Cam, I sit up in section 116, or what I like to call, “Camera Row”. If you look at the picture to the right, you will notice that the seats that the cameramen sit on, is attached to a track. That track makes it easier for the cameraman to swivel his chair left or right along with swinging his camera left and right.

Game Camera with Identification LabelsMy camera (highlighted here with labels) is at the far left and I shoot far the in-house screens.

I’m the Game Camera which basically means I’m just a wide shot that shows everything that is happening on the floor. I’m panning from one basket to the other all evening long. Time outs, breaks and half time are a lot better for me because I’m shooting entertainment on the floor, events in the stands or the fans.

I would much rather be shooting a shoulder-mounted camera down on the floor, but that kind of camera work is a young man’s game, and I’m not getting any younger. Nevertheless, I do so love to shoot shoulder-mounted. It’s what I do the best.

Pacers vs Thunder

  • 2012-0406

Control RoomI have two games this week with the Pacers. Tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight it’s the Oklahoma City Thunder, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t even know that Oklahoma City had a basketball team. When did that happen?

Anyhow, the Pacers easily won the game.

Pacers vs Suns

  • 2012-0323

Game CameraHad another Pacers game tonight, and I took the pictures that I should have taken last week when I shot the Game Cam.

This week I was shooting Fan Cam, which is a regular camera that is attached to a wireless transmitter that I carry on my back. I shoot for the Fan Cam Wireless Back Packin-house screens, which means I spent all of my time up in the stands, shooting from the fans point of view. Specially during Time Outs and Half Time.

They had an announcer, I think her name was Eva, that I followed around. During the breaks in the game, she would interact with the fans, hand out A view from the Fan section, during pre-game practicepromotions or talk about the events that the Pacers wanted to highlight. I was either shooting her or segments like the “Kiss Cam”.

Anyhow, the eventing went fairly quickly.

Pacers vs Knicks

  • 2012-0317

I shot a Pacers game tonight, and I’m really pissed with myself, because I forgot to take some pictures.

I was game cam and I could have gotten some nice shots from my high up position, but it all slipped my mind. Now the moment is gone, and the Pacers lost to the Knicks.