Peyton Manning Fundraiser

  • 2013-0428

Peyton Manning rehearsing his lines.Former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning maybe throwing for Denver now, but he still has ties to Indianapolis.

He and his wife are honorary chairpersons for the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent, and they had their big annual fundraiser Saturday night.

The celebration took place at FedEx’s Maintenance Hangar at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Setup was done on Friday. Because it was a hanger, they had to call in Riggers to hang the drapes, lights and speakers. FedEx even brought in one of their planes to be used as a backdrop.

Video World was setup behind the stage and under the FedEx plane.Video world was set up behind the stage and under the plane. Seeing how much equipment was brought in, Friday must have been a VERY long day.

Thank goodness, I didn’t have to take part in that.

The view of the FedEx Hanger from Camera 1 position.There was two sets of camera crews.
My group shot the fundraiser and the second group shot the entertainment, Luke Bryan. Academy of Country Music Awards 2013, Entertainer of the Year.

Never heard of him!
But then, I’m not into country.

Around 5p Peyton Manning did a rehearsal and walk-through his script.

I was camera 3, should-mounted, stage right.

There wasn’t a whole lot for me to do during most of the early rounds. But the live auction got a little bit more interesting.

The auctioneer walked out among the audience to take their bids and I had to follow him and also get shots of the items on the stage, that were up for bid.

For me, that is when shooting, specially should-mounted, gets to be fun!

Most of the items up for bid, went for over $30,000 a piece. One item went for $55,000. Add to that the $1000 bucks you had to pay to eat dinner. With about 116 tables and about 8 persons per table, you add it up.

Peyton Manning raised a lot of money Saturday night!

I finished around 11p.
I didn’t have to stay for the breakdown, but I heard that some of the guys who did have to stay, didn’t get out of there until 5a Sunday morning.

Delta Faucet

  • 2012-1016

A 4 day shoot, but I only had to work 3 of those days because I have a EVS classes starting on Wednesday.

We setup all day Sunday at the University Place Conference Center by IUPUI. Though we didn’t have a lot to put together for this event, this setup was a lot tougher on me for some reason. By 3 o-clock my butt was dragging. Luckily, we were through by 5.

I guess that this was a sales conference for the Delta Faucet Company. Lots of enthusiasm from the CEO and President to rally the troupes. Breakout meets, dinners etc.

Yesterday was a two camera shoot for the primary meetings and a lot of sitting around waiting.

Today was pretty much the same but I was also “volunteered” to helped shoot 3 sessions of one of the breakout meetings in which I found out all I ever needed to know about faucets.

I also found out Monday night that I have a Pacers game to shoot tonigh.


  • 2012-1013

Breast Cancer Survivor Fashion Show rehearsalShot Pink Ribbon Connection’s annual “Stars of Pink” Breast Cancer Survivor Fashion Show.

Pink Ribbon Connection provides a network of breast cancer survivors with resources and services.

All of the models in the Fashion Show were Breast Cancer Survivors and proud of it!

Video WorldI didn’t have to setup any of the equipment because that was done by a crew yesterday. But I did have to break everything down which took about 2 and a half hours.

Nation Black MBA

  • 2012-0927

Nation Black MBA AssociationThis was a really easy event. One day setup, shoot and breakdown.

Even video world had been setup and used the day before at another event at the Indiana Roof. So all we had to do was to fly up the two screens, reset the projectors to new positions, reset the stage and build up a new camera.

My Camera position at the Nation Black MBA Buffet DinnerBuilding that camera is what I spent a few hours doing.

It should have been quick, but I ran into a problem with connecting the 55x Lens to the frame that connects the lens to the camera. They weren’t lining up. It took awhile to figure out why and then part of the camera had to be disassembled in order to make the whole thing work.

After that was done, most of my time was spent waiting for the show to start at 7pm. I was on my way home by 10:30p.

Cedia Expo 2012

  • 2012-0905

The Cedia Expo (residential electronic systems industry) is in town for the rest of the week. I’m doing two jobs at the Expo for Markeys. The Keynote Speech that took place tonight and the Awards Dinner Saturday. Both will be very long days.

Cedia Keynote: 09.05.12
The set-up for the Keynote was fairly simple. It was just Eric and myself, and it took about 2 hours to set-up 2 screens, video world, a camera and outdoor signage.

Michio Kaku Keynote SpeechBest part of the day was meeting the keynote speaker, Michio Kaku. I recognize him as soon as he walked into the ballroom and came over to our video world station. But I couldn’t place were I knew him from. Eric recognized him from the Discovery channel, then it all clicked for me.

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist. He’s also a best-selling author with a number of books on scientific exploration, the future, teleportation and time-travel theory.

His keynote speech was about the future in electronics and if he is just a third right, we will have a lot to look forward to.

Cedia Keynote Speech Video World.The only shooting that I did was for Cedia’s archives. Basically, set the camera up, focus it, lock it down then just, sit and watch.

It only took about an hour to break everything down and pack it away in the truck.

Cedia Awards: 09.08.12
This was a very long day!
Crew call was at 8am.

Video World for the Cedia Awards Dinner had already been built by the crew the day before.Apparently, most of the heavy work, cabling, video world, audio and lighting, had been done the day before, by another crew.

All we had to do today was finish off most of the details. Setup the stage for the band, cameras, accent lights and testing.

Cedia Awards Dinner and the Bar that I helped build.We also had to build, setup and light that Bar in the middle of the dance floor.

That’s what I spent the bulk of my day doing. Constructing that bar and helping in laying out and connecting the lights for it. When it was finished, it looked pretty engaging.

My camera position at the Cedia Awards Dinner.But like I said, it was a long day. We were pretty much finished by 1p but the doors for the dinner didn’t open until six. Trying to find “busy work” can be very tiring!

The Cedia Awards ceremony only took an hour to shoot.

Fortunately, another crew will breakdown the equipment on Monday, so I was on my way home by 9:30p.

Indiana Conpanies To Watch Dinner

  • 2012-0822

Indiana Roof Ballroom, built in 1927.Day 1 Wed. 08.22.12
Working on a 3 day project with Markeys. Another corporate dinner. How many of those do I remember doing at United?

This one is at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. Markeys holds the Media Contract for all of their events. My first time in this Switcherballroom and I will be here again next week for the Colts Luncheon.

Interesting ballroom! It’s modeled on a Spanish village. All it needs is the people.

Setup wasn’t to bad. Two screens, 2 cameras, mobile switcher and audio. My My camera 1 positioncamera is on the baloney and I’m not sure who will be running the down cam.

Will have to bag my own food tomorrow because I don’t think that they will be feeding us.

Day 2 Thur. 08.23.12
On the day of the luncheon, we had a Audio Board2pm crew call, which I think was way to early. The luncheon wasn’t until 6:30pm. But, I’m like everybody else, if they want to pay me to sit around for 4 hours, hey, I’ll do that in a heartbeat.

The shoot was really easy.
A couple of speakers welcoming everybody.
Dinner TablesEverybody eats dinner… except us!
A couple more speakers.
Hand out some awards.
Have someone say goodbye and I’ll driving home by 9pm.

Day 3 Fri. 08.24.12
Quick breakdown. Only took about an hour and a half to breakdown all of the All of our Equipment waiting at curb for, pack it up and get it out to the curb for pick up. But I still get payed 3 hours minimum.

Gladys Knight Concert

  • 2012-0721

The view from my Camera 1 position.The Indiana Black Expo is this week-end and the first concert of the expo was Gladys Knight with the opening act of Zapp.

Markeys had the contract to shoot it for the 2 JumboTron screens and I worked the camera 1 position.

It was an all day shoot. I got to Markeys about 9am Friday morning and didn’t get home until about 1am Saturday morning.

We spent most of the morning setting up cameras. A lot of the ground work was already set by a setup crew on Thursday.

Mike Logan was part of that crew and he was still there Friday, to help complete camera setup. Mike and I use to work at United Airlines together and I hadn’t seen him in a few years, so it was good to catch up with him.

Crew L to R, Bryant: on cell phone - Utiliy, Steve: with sunglasses - Tape, Robert: peace sign - Cameraman, Eric: sitting crosslegged - Director, Clem: standing - Cameraman. Behind them is the Catering Tent.Mike does a lot of work for Markeys and I just started with them, so hopefully, we will be on other crews together.  His 92 year old grandmother had died earlier in the week and her burial was on Saturday, so he left early.

Once we got everything working, it was pretty much sit and wait for about 5 hours. This is always the time when you really get to know your crew mates.

Real Taste CateringThe expo provided us with lunch and dinner meals by Real Taste Catering. Out door barbecuing at it’s best. They served some really good meals.

Once the concert started at 6p, it went for about 5 hours, with a few breaks in-between acts. First up was Zapp. I had never heard of them, but they were pretty good. The club band Con Funk Shun was next. They were just so, so.

Gladys Knight and her Manager/Husband just after band rehersal, on their way back to the hotel.Of course, Gladys Knight was the performer that everybody came to see. People started showing up and marking out their seats, even before we got there by 10a.

Her concert was very good and lasted about an hour and a half. She sung all the old favorites and even her brother Merald “Bubba” Knight showed up for a few numbers.

Everybody, including myself, thinks that he went off script and did a little bit more, on stage, then he was suppose to.

The switching equipment was very mobile. Everything was in crates on wheels.Break down wasn’t as bad as I thought that it would be. Pulling up the cables took the longest, but once we got that done, we finished pretty quickly.

All in all, it was a nice “free” concert, with a very large crowd, and a good pay day for me.