Colt’s Kickoff Luncheon

  • 2012-0829

I’ve been looking forward to this event for awhile because it’s the big luncheon that the Indianapolis Colts give their players just before the regular season starts.

They play their last preseason game tomorrow night against the Cincinnati Bengals in Lucas Oil Stadium. Then Friday is the luncheon. I also hear, that right after that lunch, they cut their Final Players!

A last meal, and then you die.

Anyhow, it’s a 3 day shoot.

Day 1 – Wed. 08.29.12
Bring in all the containers and sorting them. The luncheon will take place in the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Hotel.
About an hour was taken up just getting the equipment up to the ballroom, then sorting out the containers for stage, audio, video etc.

The video switcher will be staged out in a back hallway. This will be a 3 camera The video switcher will be setup at the end of a back hallway.shoot. One long camera in the back. A side camera about midway and a stage camera.

Everyone helped in building the main truss that will cover the entire back wall. It will hold 2 screens, back lights and curtains.

Testing the lights before raising the truss.Four more truss were hang perpendicular to the main one. They will hold more lights, speakers and projectors. Then 2 more truss farther back that will hold more stage lights.

It took about 5 hours just to get that setup, along with lights tested and focused.

Everything has been lifted up.As I was leaving, the hotel was building the stage.

Day 2 – Thur. 08.30.12
Today was a long day.

The morning was kind of slow because we had to wait for more equipment to arrive.

But once that got there, we had more cable to run, cameras to set up, another projector to hang and both projectors needed to be framed and focused.

In the hallway by the Exit doors.The biggest problem though was the switcher. Markeys had been told, by the hotel, where we could set up our switcher. In the hallway, by the Exit doors. There were a number of Markeys people who were concerned about that location, but no, the hotel confirmed it, that’s where we can set it up.

Eric spent all day connecting up, what they like to refer to as “video world”, the switcher, and wouldn’t you know it, about 4pm, down comes another hotel manager to tell us,
“You can’t put that there! That’s an Emergency Exit!”


By the time that I left at 5pm, I still don’t think that the problem had been completely resolved. Though it does look like the switcher will stay, but with a few modifications.

Day 3 – Fri. 08.31.12
A lot of morning activities. Hotel employees running around getting tables ready. A lot of Colts employees running around doing whatever they do and being very nervous about it.

Final Solution for the Video World Exit Door problem.I did notice that the Video World Exit problem had a Final Solution.

For me, it was pretty much the usual, hurry up and wait. All we had to do was the Rehearsal… that never came. We ended up shooting the event blind, using only the script.

My camera view of the stage.It started off with opening words from the Colts owner, Jim Irsay. Then the players were introduced with a lot of pomp and fog. One Colts player per table. Then they ate lunch.

But they didn’t feed the crew even though Markey’s, I think, is a sponsor of this event.

One Colts player per table.After lunch, former Colts Headcoach Tony Dungy was the Key Note Speaker. He also interview the new coach Chuck Pagano and 6 of the Colt players one of which was the new Colts Quarterback, Andrew Luck.

The event went off without a hitch. All that was left was the breakdown, which I didn’t have to do.

I was doubled-booked for today, so after the event was over with, I was on my way to a TV40 football game.