WNBA Finals 2012

  • 2012-1021

My Game CAMI shot 3 games this weekend.

On Friday I shot a High School Sectional 1st Round game, Zionsville vs Brownsburg.

The underdog Zionsville won.

Yesterday, Saturday night, I shot the Pacers last preseason game, Pacers vs. Grizzlies.

The Pacers won that too.

But tonight, after so many years of shooting, I finally shot my first Pro Championship game. Fever vs. Lynx, WNBA Game 4 of best out of 5 series with the Fever leading 2 games to 1.

A 30 second time-out.Though you could feel the tension in the air, I tried to shoot this game just like any other. But with more cameras, more people, more Indian Chiefs watching everything that we do, maintaining a calm mind set could be hard to do.

Try and forget all of that and just shoot the game. Make sure that you follow your shot list, and try not to blow it by making a mistake!

Well, I didn’t make any mistakes!
I rather enjoyed the game.
It was, Fun To Do!

The Fever have Won. The awards ceremony is over with, and it's now time for me to break this camera down and go home.Things did start to get a little tight toward the end when it became apparent that the Fever were going to win the WNBA Championship. The shot calls from the director were coming a lot faster and the tension went up 10 fold.

The feeling was…

“We only got one shot at this, so get it right!”

With all the shouting, crying, hugging, jubilation, interviews, awards ceremony and crowd shots, there was plenty to shoot. Just get a good shot, wait for the director’s call, then quickly find your next moment.

After the game was over with, I had to break my camera down to get it back to the studio, before I could leave.

The email that I got from the Director read:

Great game last night!

I didn’t get the chance to say thanks to everyone last night, with all the craziness happening,  but SUPER THANKS again for the hard work.  Everyone in the arena, fans and staff, all noticed.  We ALL got lots of praise for the show.

WE KICKED A@#! ~ Chris

It’s always good to know that you did good!

Swimming State Finals 2011

  • 2012-0225

IUPUI Natatorium during early practicesSwimming is not a sport I normally shoot. Until this season, I have never shot one. But I’m here shooting the IHSAA State Swimming Championship at the IUPUI Natatorium. A few of the crew came in Thursday to cable the Natatorium for 5 cameras + 1 internal camera that is fixed on the diving boards.

My camera position at start of raceSwimming Final Video

I’m working camera 4, down on the floor. My job is to pick up the start of the race, tight shots during the race, award ceremonies and interviews with the winner(s), and of course, picking up color shots.

Ian at camera position 3It was a long shoot, almost 4 hours. Our crew call was 7am, but the meet didn’t start until 1pm. Once we got our cameras up, we had over 4 hours with nothing to do. But we still get payed for doing nothing.

Diving is boring! But some of the swimming matches were worth Announcer's Position high up in the rafterswatching. The team race went down to the final event of the afternoon, the 400 freestyle relay with Carmel owning a 11.5 point lead over Bloomington South. Carmel won their third consecutive team title by a 246.5 to 245 margin.

Breakdown was quick, even though there were a lot of long cable runs. Our cars had parking tickets on them, but the production manager will take care of those. A 10 hour work day, buy all in all, it will be a good pay day.