Flat Track Racing 2013

  • 2013-0818

Last Saturday was my 3th year shooting the AMA Flat Track Grand National Race at the Indiana Fair Ground Stadium, and I just figured I would show you a little bit of what I saw and did, in pictures.

Flat Track Stadium

Flat Track Booths

Working on their bikes before the Race.

A Flat Track Rider signing autographs for his fans.

Flat Track Bikes. Everyone was predicting that the Orange one would be one of the winners. It was!

I was camera 5, positioned on the stage. I was responsible for shooting the beginning and ending of the race, the straightaway and the winner’s podium. Because I was shooting continuously throughout the race, I was given a relief camera operator, which gave me a couple of opportunities to shoot some of my own video during the evening.

2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Race

  • 2012-0819

Winner's Stage being built.This is my third year shooting the American Motorcyclist Association Pro Flat Track Race at the fair grounds.

It would have been my 4th year, but last year’s race was cancelled because of the stage that collapsed during a outdoor concert by Sugarland.

Our Engineer Micah, in front of his production truck.A lot of cable had to be laid down in order to cover the 1 mile ‘Track of Champions’ with 5 cameras. But most of that was done by another crew Friday night/early Saturday morning.

By the time that we got there Saturday noon, we still had a lot of cabling and equipment to setup and Fax out in order to be ready for the 3 o-clock practice runs.

Professional flat track motorcycle racer Nichole Cheza signing autographs.After the practice runs, we had some time to walk over and see a little of the Indiana State Fair.

As always, I was on camera 5, at the stage. It was my job to get the start of the race. To cover the race in front of the grandstand and to shoot the winners on the stage. We also had cameras at each of the 4 turns.

Now, here's a big motorcycle race fan!The last 2 years I did this by myself, so I was always pretty much shooting for 3 hours straight. But this year, I had Casey working with me, so I was able to take some breaks.

Though I’m not a big motorcycle race fan, the race is fun to watch and also very LOUD on the ears.

Start of one of the racesThere is a certain technique in trying to shoot a motorcycle, and keep it in view as it blows by you on the straight-a-way at over a 100 mph. Fun-To-Do!

The real hard work though is when the race is all over with, and we had to roll up all of the cable that had been laid around the track. This year, it went pretty quickly. We were out of there by 1 am Sunday morning.

Some video of one of the practice runs earlier in the day.

A little bit of video from the 2009 race.