Video Cameraman

Junk’d Clips: Cameraman

  • 2011-1206

Junk’d, the makeover someone’s home and/or yard show, that always ends with a unique twist. And usually at the owners expense! I shot these show for 2 years.

In this Episode Skip decided to play the joke on Brad, instead of the clients. His big hoax become so elaborate that even the two cameraman, myself include, didn’t know that the joke was on Brad.

The whole time that I was shooting, I keep thinking to myself, “Oooh, this is bad! This is really bad!” I was expecting at any moment for Skip or Brad to tell me to stop shooting and put the camera down while they work the problem out. But they didn’t and I kept on shooting and ended up filming one of the best shows, that I think, that they have ever done. Well, at least the two years that I shot their show.