Pebble Beach

It’s one of those events where the corporation invites some of it’s biggest clients on a golf outing at one of the country’s best known golf courses. They wine and dine them at a grand hotel, and then the clients gets to play 18 holes with some season golf pros . . . all in a effort to say, thanks for spending your money with us, and may you continue to spend millions of dollars more, next year… with us.

Personally, I think it’s just an excuse for the executives to get out and play some golf.

Well, this golf outing was being held at Pebble Beach. I have never been into golf, but even I had heard of Pebble Beach and I was looking forward to this outing.

Pebble Beach

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Hotel Inn At Spanish Bay: 36.612944, -121.941590
Cypress Point 16th Hole: 36.580204, -121.977178
Pebble Beach, 7th Hole: 36.561575, -121.940657
Casa Palmero: 36.568558, -121.946923
Spyglass Hill Golf Course: 36.585201, -121.956554
Carmel, CA: 36.546501, -121.929102
Monterey, CA: 36.601937, -121.889716
California Highway 1: 36.637157, -121.828594
Point Pinos, CA: 36.637312, -121.934477



Highway 1 driveMy morning flight to San Francisco was delayed for 2 hours for some, maintenance problem. The flight itself was uneventful. Once in San Francisco, I could have taken a United Express flight down to Monterey, CA, but I decided to rent a car and drive down instead.

I wanted to take in some of the scenery along Highway 1. So with maps in hand I made my way to Monterey and the drive was very pleasant.

The Inn At Spanish Bay back yard.Around 3 pm in the afternoon I finally made my way to Monterey and with a little effort, found The Inn At Spanish Bay, our hotel for the next 3 days.

I could not believe how great their hotel rooms were! This was the first hotel that I’ve ever been in that had a “fireplace” in every room. And the fireplace worked! Classy!

I hooked up with some of the people from the Premier Group who were managing the event and found out that I had a 6:30 am crew call for the next morning. I spent the rest of the day enjoying all the conveniences of a first class hotel room.

23 APRIL – Spanish Bay Golf Course

Jeff Sluman and Craig StadlerI had breakfast around 6:00 am. The Spanish Bay Golf Course that we were to play on, is pattern after the golf courses of Scotland, which I was told means, “lots of hills”.

I didn’t know that!

The two pros for this event were Jeff Sluman, someone that I had never heard of until we were introduced, and Craig Stadler, a golfer I had met the year before at the Greenbrier Golf course.

Peter UeberrothOne of the CEOs was Peter Ueberroth, Chairman of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee and Baseball Commissioner from 1984-89. There was a rumor that Clint Eastwood might show up because he was a friend of Peter and he lived just around the corner in Carmel. But he never did!

There were 20 players in all, broken into two teams of Red and White shirts. My job, to get as many still photos as I could of each player teeing off, putting, portraits with the pros, group shots or any other picture that I think the players would like to have as a memento.


I like to travel light for this kind of event. So the only equipment I had at that time were 2 Nikon F5s with a 80-200mm lens on one and a 300mm lens on the other along with a monopod. A Nikon SB-26 flash and battery pack for candid shots and lots of Royal Gold 100 ASA color negative film. I also lug around my own digital camera for personal shots.

It’s good to get a golf cart for something like this, so that you can stay ahead of the groups. I was always looking for the best place to take a shot as each group passed by my location, then leap frog ahead to the next best photo spot. It took 5 hours to finish 18 holes. The first group started at 6:50 am and I finished around noon.

I had the rest of the afternoon off so I drove over to Monterey, Ca. and did a few hours of sight seeing.


Group Shot at Pebble Beach, 18th HoleThat evening at dinner I wanted to take a group shot before they started to sit down to eat, but everything was running slow that night. I had picked a nice location just outside of the Pebble Beach Casa Palmero restaurant. It was 6 pm and there was plenty of light, at that moment, but by the time all the players got there, my light was gone. So I delayed the group shot until the next day. I would shoot it on the Pebble golf course.

Did you know that Pebble Beach isn’t just the name of a golf course, but an entire area that includes several golf courses, one of which is the Pebble Beach course. And that it’s all owned by Clint Eastwood and Peter Ueberroth along with Dick Farris a former CEO of United Airlines.

I didn’t know that either!

24 APRIL – Cypress Point / Pebble Beach Golf Courses

Cypress Point Golf Course, 16th HoleFirst tee off time at Pebble Beach wasn’t until 10:20am, so I thought that I had some free time. No such luck!

The decision had been made to take a special group of players over to the Exclusive Members Only, Cypress Point Golf Course. Apparently the 16th hole on this course is considered to be the most famous hole in all of golf.

When I got my first look at it, well . . . I now know what the word ‘Challenge’ really means. The tee and hole are sparated by a water cove. Screw up this shot, and you’re into the ocean!

Pebble Beach Golf Course, 7th HolePebble Beach was no slouch either. Situated right along the Pacific Coast Line, the 7th hole is probably one of the most photographed golf holes that you will ever find.

We finished Pebble Beach around 5 PM at which time I finally got my group shot of all the players. Took a lot to get them all together because they were excited about having finished Pebble, but I did it.

25 APRIL – Spyglass Hill Golf Course

Spyglass Golf CourseYou would think that Premier would save the best course, Pebble Beach, for last. But they didn’t and because the CEOs had now played on Pebble, some of them left last night. So a few of the golf playing members of the Premier Group, had to fill in to complete the teams.

Jeff Sluman and Peter UeberrothSypglass Hill Golf Course was very woody and the weather that morning wasn’t to good. I was chilly for most of the morning.

At Pebble Beach, I concentrated on getting the player’s group/candid shots with the pros.

At Spanish Bay I spent my time making sure that I got a shot of every player teeing off and putting. I also worked at getting the individual player shots. Laughing, hitting or missing putts, the camaraderie of it all.

Champagne ToastThe 18 holes went finely fast and there was the usual champagne toast at the end of the course. After that, most of the CEOs made a run to catch their flights home. I on the other hand spent the afternoon sightseeing in Carmel, Ca.. Eastwood country!


I started my drive back to SFO at 6:30 am. I should have stayed on Highway 1 but took 101 instead and spent an extra 1/2 hour regretting it. Morning rush hour!

My flight was suppose to leave at 11:05 am but was delayed an hour because of a cockpit battery that needed to be changed and recharged.
What! Again?

I was home by 6:30 pm.

and so it goes . . .


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