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P-38 Lightning

P-38 Lightning

One of the most uniquely shaped aircraft ever built. It was the only American fighter to remain in production throughout World War II. The name Lightning was a RAF
( British ) nickname.


C-5 Galaxy

Twenty Eight wheels, a huge fuselage and a upward-hinged nose makes for an aircraft that stands head and shoulders above all others.
F-117A NightHawk

F-117A Nighthawk

The pilots and grounds crews that tested this aircraft, had many names for it. One of the names when filling in their logbooks was the meaningless number "117". When the existence of the aircraft became known on November 10, 1988, it was described as the "F-117", which bears no relationship to any US numbering system.

SR-71 BlackBird

SR-71A Blackbird

They were painted a radar-absorbent black, resulting in the popular nickname of Blackbird. But they remain to this day the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft ever built.
V-22 Osprey

V22 Osprey

Hover like a helicopter
( engines can rotate through an angle up to 97.5° ), fly like a plane ( at over 300 mph ). All weather operation, terrain-avoidance capability, forward-looking infrared, laser ranger, rescue hoist, flight refueling probe and a armour flight deck. Truly a unique aircraft that still flies with a lot controversy.


Boeing 777 The Future

Market demand has sized, shaped and launched the newest member of the Boeing family, the 777. The airplane design offers features, innovations and approaches to aircraft development that set the standard for delivering value to airlines.

747 The Humpback

From its first flight in 1969, the 747 was an airplane of superlatives: It was bigger, flew farther and carried more people than any other commercial airplane. Today, that's still true.

Airbus A320

The A320 program was launched in March 1984, and it become Airbus Industrie's best selling aircraft. Typically seating 150 passengers in a two-class cabin, the A320 is capable of flying nonstop for up to 5,500 km./3,000 nautical miles.

Model 1 Vega

Model 1 Vega

Named after a star, the first Vega was sold to George Hearst Jr.. The second Vega made flights over the North Pole and later, Antarctica. Amelia Earhart flew many of her recorder breaking flights in a Vega.