The heavily-armed Black Widow was the United States' first aircraft specifically designed as a night-fighter. The P-61 carried radar equipment in its nose that enabled its crew of three, pilot, gunner, and radar operator, to locate enemy aircraft in total darkness and fly into proper position to attack. It was armed with four .50-cal. machine guns in it's upper turret and four 20mm cannons in it's lower fuselage, it could also carry 6,400 lbs. of bombs.  During World War II, Northrop built approximately 700 P-61s; 41 of these were model C manufactured in the summer of 1945,  offering greater speed and capable of operating at higher altitude.
Fuel Pressure Indicator
Radio Compass
Fuel Gage (Click)
Water Injection Pressure Gage
Emergency Air Brake Lever
Hydraulic Hand Pump Handle
Water Quanity Gage
(Click) Pilot’s Switch Panel
(Click) Hydraulic Hand Pump Selector Valve
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Ignition Control Panel
Pilot's Gunsight
Recognition Light Control Box
Automatic Pilot Pressure Valve
Propeller Control Box
Manifold Pressure Indicator
De-Icer Air Pressure Gage
L Blinker Flow Indicator R Oxygen Pressure Gage
Rudder Pedals
Gyro Horizon
Mixture Control
Turn / Bank Indicator
Landing Gear Selector Valve Control
Throttle Control
Turn Gyro
Control Column
Flap Control Lever
Airspeed Indicator
Oil Cooler
Correction Card Holder
Rate of Climb Indicator
Propeller Control
Cannon Firing Buttons
Bank & Climb Gyro
Panel Light
Vacuum Gage
(Click) Oil Temperature Indicator
Bomb Tank Release
VHF Radio Talk Button
Remote Compass
P-61C Black Widow
Radio Compass  Control Box
Wheel & Flap Position Indicator
Cylinder Head Temperature Indicator