777 Bleed Air
by jerome meriweather

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Bleed Air Panel LDG ALT Outflow Manual OutFlow Valve Engine Switch Engine Switch APU Switch ISLN Switch
777 Photo and/or Graphic Element

The Engine Bleed Air system is controlled by two air supply and cabin pressure controllers (ASCPCs) which open and close appropriate valves. Engine Bleed Air comes from the high stage or low stage engine compressor section. Low stage air is used during high power setting operation and high stage air is used during descent and other low power setting operations.


Left/Center/Right Isolation Switches
APU Bleed Switch
Left/Right Engine Bleed Switches
FWD/AFT Outflow Valve Switches
Manual Switch
Outflow Valve Manual Switches Moves the Outflow Valve toward full open or close when MAN is selected on the respective OUTFLOW VALVE switch.
Landing Altitude Knob