Full Circle

The Year So Far, 2014

  • October 28, 2014

As a freelance camera operator, it seems to me that every year is beginning to look like every other year. I always seem to be shooting the same events year after year after year.

In some ways, it kind of comforting, knowing that you have work each year, but in other ways it can start to feel very… humdrum.

Here are a “few” of the events that I have shot so far in 2014.

High School sports both football and basketball,
are always events that I shoot every year.

Noblesville High School

This was the first time that I have shot Tennis.
It was an ESPN shoot at the University of Illinois.

A full day of shooting tennis at the University of Illinois for ESPN

I shoot Conventions every year in the Hotels and Conventions in the area.
Big and Small. It’s kind of your Bread & Butter.

After awhile, all these conventions begin to blend together into one big blur.

At these conventions you sometimes get to meet Mayors, Governors, Police Chiefs,
Community Leaders, and the occasional celebrity or sport figure,
like Deion Sanders.

Deion Sanders and Me

Occasionally I get to shoot something out of the ordinary,
like the opening of the China Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibition
at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

We shot the stage events which included a number of Chinese performers. They were fascinating to watch!

Then, there are the bigger ticket shoots like Big Ten football
at Purdue University Ross-Ade Stadium

Iowa @ Purdue University

or ESPN shoots at North Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois.
ESPN at North Illinois University

or Miami of Ohio University in Oxford, OH.
ESPN at Miami of Ohio University

But then, you always have to come back to your stand-bys.
Like studio work on a nationally syndicated TV show.

Full Circle Music Setup

Yeah… the same thing year in and year out.
But who’s complaining.
It’s Work!


Full Circle

  • October 4, 2012

textGot a message early this morning asking if I was available to shoot this afternoon.

I said that I was and so I unexpectedly spent the afternoon shooting Full Circle at the TV40 studios.

We only shot two shows.

The first one was with some audiologist and the second one was with Carey Lykins, President & Chief Executive Officer of Indianapolis’s Citizens Energy Group.

Full Circle

  • January 11, 2012

Full Circle StudioI’m shooting Full Circle for TV40 today. It will be my first show of the season. But I think that we’re only shooting 1 show with 3 segments.

My Number 2 Camera and SetThe 3 segments are about the Super Bowl Host Committee which is using it’s power to promote the Indy Super Cure.

Super Cure is the only breast cancer tissue bank in the world, which is located in Indianapolis at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center.

The show will air during Superbowl week.
You can find Full Circle here