January 2013

  • 2013-0126

A lot of what I do as a cameraman, is so repetitious. A lot of the work is the same from job to job, working the same positions and equipment, shooting the same shots and events from year to year.

In order to break the routine you try different things, like maybe a new technique that you saw another cameraman use or being more aggressive with your shooting. If you’re really lucky, you might be able to learn a new position, but that can be hard to come by if you don’t have anyone willing to train you.

Stanley Black & Decker Conference. They fed us real good here. I'll do their Conference anytime!This month was no different.
A lot of the usual events. Inside Indy, several High School Basketball games and Corporate Conferences. A Hockey game and later next week a Pacer game and more high school basketball.

Camera position at the Stanley ConferenceOne of the more unusual events was the Stanley Black & Decker Conference. That was a two day shoot and they actually fed us, which most corporations don’t normally do. You have to sit there at your camera while all those people eat their meal. If you’re smart, you bring something to snack on or a sandwich and something to drink.

But Stanley fed us – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all the meals were great!

Exact Target Conference entertainment was so BAD, that the employees started leaving before the group was finished!The Exact Target function at the Indiana Roof stands out because the entertainment was so inept.

They hired a improvisation comedy group that just never connected with their audience. They were suppose to do two 20 minute sessions with a break in-between. But after the first session, Exact Target cancelled the second session because their employees were walking out.

They were so bad, that even I was betting that they weren’t going to be coming back.

The Real Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is a great little restaurant to go to if you're ever in Anderson, INThe basketball game that I did last night was fun because TV40 Sports fed us at a little restaurant in Anderson, IN. The Real Hacienda Mexican Restaurant.

I’ve eaten there before and the food is always good.

Pacers EVS System

  • 2012-1018

One of the Pacers EVS Remote ControllersI spent yesterday and today learning how to operate the Pacers new EVS (pronounced, Elvis) system. I have been wanting to learn how to operate this system for a very long time.

For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, EVS is a video server that allows broadcasters to record, control and playback synchronously multiple clips, or in other words, it creates the instant replays and slow-motion effects that you see on just about every sport broadcast on TV.

Pacers EVS System with 2 Remote ControllersI’ve heard it all about learning how to operate an EVS system.
It’s Hard!
It’s complicated!
It’s not easy to learn.

Well, now I know.
It’s not easy, but the basics aren’t hard to learn either.

It’s all that other stuff that goes along with it that I will have to learn in order to become a proficient operator. This controller can do an amazing amount work on any video that comes into the system.

Pacers EVS ClassSince the Pacers sent out invitations to all of their freelancers, my big worry was that the class would be so large, that nobody would be able to learn anything.

EVS is definitely a hands-on-system. OJT, as the army would say.

But the class size was manageable.

The first day was spent leaning the basics. How to start the system, some configurations, controller layout, mark ins/outs of clips and how to replay them.

The second day was more about how the overall system worked and how to run apps like the xFiles and the IPDirector.

Now all I have to do is pick up some Pacers game to use what I’ve learned.