Eli Lilly

Lilly Conference

  • 2012-0724

Eli Lilly's Headquarters: Indianapolis, INAnother shoot at Eli Lilly.
Another conference.
Cameras already setup.
Hour and a half shoot.
Eat lunch. They have a great cafeteria.
Setup for tomorrow’s shoot,
which I’m not a part of.
Home by 3p.
Quick & Easy.

Lilly’s Shareholders Meeting

  • 2012-0419

Lilly's Auditorium Had a quick shoot at Eli Lilly’s today. The company held it’s annual shareholders meeting this morning and I was one of 3 cameramen for the in-house screens.

The meeting only lasted an hour, then we went to lunch. It then took about 2 hours to breakdown the equipment and stage.

This was my first time in Lilly’s headquarters. I also got the job through Markey’s and I hope that I will be picking up more work from them.