O’Jays Concert

  • 2013-0720

This is my second year shooting the Indianapolis’s Black Expo’s free Concert. Last year the main headliner was Gladys Knight.

This year it was The O’Jays.
A moment before the free Black Expo concert starts. Man! It was Hot!

But I think that it was even Hotter this year then it was last year. And I do mean, weather hot!

We set up everything Thursday and it was so hot, that you just didn’t feel like moving. Thankfully, it only took us 4 1/2 ours to setup all of our equipment.

Friday, we installed the cameras and re-faxed everything, then we had 6 hours to sit around in the heat waiting for the concert to start.

The night’s opening acts, were Indianapolis-based Downstroke, and the Midnight Star. I’ve never heard of either of group.

When the O’Jays took the stage, they sung a few of their hits like “Back Stabbers”, “Love Train”, “For the Love of Money” and “Use ta Be My Girl”, my favorite.

For a group that has been around for more the 50 years, they were pretty good.

The only problem that I had, besides the heat, was that it got so crowded and packed, that people were trying to lean against or sit on my camera platform and thus, shaking my camera.

I keep asking them to get off, and at one point I was yelling, but by the time that the O’Jays came on, it was so crammed that most of my complains fell on deaf ears.

So I just had to work with it.
I still came up with great shots.

Peyton Manning Fundraiser

  • 2013-0428

Peyton Manning rehearsing his lines.Former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning maybe throwing for Denver now, but he still has ties to Indianapolis.

He and his wife are honorary chairpersons for the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent, and they had their big annual fundraiser Saturday night.

The celebration took place at FedEx’s Maintenance Hangar at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Setup was done on Friday. Because it was a hanger, they had to call in Riggers to hang the drapes, lights and speakers. FedEx even brought in one of their planes to be used as a backdrop.

Video World was setup behind the stage and under the FedEx plane.Video world was set up behind the stage and under the plane. Seeing how much equipment was brought in, Friday must have been a VERY long day.

Thank goodness, I didn’t have to take part in that.

The view of the FedEx Hanger from Camera 1 position.There was two sets of camera crews.
My group shot the fundraiser and the second group shot the entertainment, Luke Bryan. Academy of Country Music Awards 2013, Entertainer of the Year.

Never heard of him!
But then, I’m not into country.

Around 5p Peyton Manning did a rehearsal and walk-through his script.

I was camera 3, should-mounted, stage right.

There wasn’t a whole lot for me to do during most of the early rounds. But the live auction got a little bit more interesting.

The auctioneer walked out among the audience to take their bids and I had to follow him and also get shots of the items on the stage, that were up for bid.

For me, that is when shooting, specially should-mounted, gets to be fun!

Most of the items up for bid, went for over $30,000 a piece. One item went for $55,000. Add to that the $1000 bucks you had to pay to eat dinner. With about 116 tables and about 8 persons per table, you add it up.

Peyton Manning raised a lot of money Saturday night!

I finished around 11p.
I didn’t have to stay for the breakdown, but I heard that some of the guys who did have to stay, didn’t get out of there until 5a Sunday morning.

Merrillville, IN

  • 2013-0421

Day 1:Thursday April 18th
It was raining all the way up to Merrillville.Took a trip up to Merrillville, IN to shoot the American Heart Association Dinner. It was a 5 person crew and we all left around 2pm for the 2 hour drive to Merrillville. It was bad weather, raining all the way up there. But the weather cleared once we got into town

We first checked into the hotel where the event would also be taking place in.
The Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza.

The Ballroom was a oddly shaped room, watch caused some problems, but we made it work!The Setup wasn’t going to be to bad.
The worst part of it was hanging the Trusses. There were 3 of them. Two in front, one on each side of the stage, for the 2 projectors. And a long one just behind the 2 front ones that would hold lights. It shouldn’t have taken long, but it did because we had some power problems.

We got the truses in place and we hang the lights and projectors on them, but we couldn’t raise them. That will have to wait until tomorrow. Al is going to drive all the way back to Indianapolis and come back tomorrow morning with some spare parts.

We did manage to setup cameras, video world and screens, though the screens turned out to be a problem too, but we finally got them setup and called it a night around 10:30p.

Day 2:Friday April 19th – 9:30a
Al got back with the spare parts and we go the trusses up into the air. The projectors got aligned, lights focused and cameras tested. It was a short morning!
We had to coming back for a short rehearsal. Two hours and we were done for the day.

Day 3:Saturday April 20th
Truss and ProjectorCrew Call wasn’t until 5:30p, so I had most of the day to myself. Had some breakfast and would have love to go see a movie, but I don’t have my car so I was stuck in my hotel room watching movies on the TV.

My Camera PositionThe event started around 7p and ended about 10:30p.
Just another dinner.
The shooting was very light.

There was one interesting moment when this 8 year old boy, who has had a heart problem all of his life, came out and played the piano. We watched him rehearse yesterday and found it amazing that a kid that young could play the piano that good. Concert level play. We only had 2 cameras and the main camera’s view was blocked by people’s heads, so all of the kids shots were mine. The kid was outstanding!

After the dinner, we broke down everything, packed it all up and loaded it into the truck. We were out of there around 12:30a.

Day 4:Sunday April 21st
Like Thursday, this is a travel day.
I had some breakfast and Jeff and I left the hotel around 8:30. I finished the day around 12:30p.

Butler’s Clowes Memorial Hall

  • 2013-0410

Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University. Opened in 1963I can remember when Clowes Hall was built.

I don’t think that Indianapolis had a real concert hall back in 1963, so I remember what a big deal Clowes was when it opened.

Video World, where all the magic takes place.But in all the years that I have been in Indianapolis, I have never been in Clowes Hall, that is until, today.

No music performances, no concert or orchestra, just a bunch of talking heads, ending with an hour long group discussion.

And for that we had 6 cameras. Two shoulder cameras, two cameras on sticks, one build up, a jib and a lot of rehearses.
A whole lot of rehearses.

Part of the crew eating lunchCrew call was for 9am.

We had a breakfast cameraman meet to get the overview of what we would be doing and our camera assignments.

We then spent two hours blocking out all of our camera views.

They provided us with lunch, which was nice, then it was another 2 hours of rehearses.

My Camera 3 and the JibDon’t get me wrong, rehearses are nice, at least you get a good idea of what to expect.

But the one thing that I have learned is that no matter how much you have rehearsed, once you start shooting for real, IT ALL CHANGES!

…and it did.

They lost a guest speaker at the very last minute before the program started, so the set had to be quickly rearranged and all of that rehearse went right out the window.

Clowes Memorial Hall StageThankfully we had a good Director that didn’t get all bent out of shape and he let the cameramen find the new shots with some small adjustments by him.

We finished around 6p.
All of the equipment was setup yesterday and it will be broken down tomorrow. So all we had to do was clear the set and cameras from the stage.

January 2013

  • 2013-0126

A lot of what I do as a cameraman, is so repetitious. A lot of the work is the same from job to job, working the same positions and equipment, shooting the same shots and events from year to year.

In order to break the routine you try different things, like maybe a new technique that you saw another cameraman use or being more aggressive with your shooting. If you’re really lucky, you might be able to learn a new position, but that can be hard to come by if you don’t have anyone willing to train you.

Stanley Black & Decker Conference. They fed us real good here. I'll do their Conference anytime!This month was no different.
A lot of the usual events. Inside Indy, several High School Basketball games and Corporate Conferences. A Hockey game and later next week a Pacer game and more high school basketball.

Camera position at the Stanley ConferenceOne of the more unusual events was the Stanley Black & Decker Conference. That was a two day shoot and they actually fed us, which most corporations don’t normally do. You have to sit there at your camera while all those people eat their meal. If you’re smart, you bring something to snack on or a sandwich and something to drink.

But Stanley fed us – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all the meals were great!

Exact Target Conference entertainment was so BAD, that the employees started leaving before the group was finished!The Exact Target function at the Indiana Roof stands out because the entertainment was so inept.

They hired a improvisation comedy group that just never connected with their audience. They were suppose to do two 20 minute sessions with a break in-between. But after the first session, Exact Target cancelled the second session because their employees were walking out.

They were so bad, that even I was betting that they weren’t going to be coming back.

The Real Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is a great little restaurant to go to if you're ever in Anderson, INThe basketball game that I did last night was fun because TV40 Sports fed us at a little restaurant in Anderson, IN. The Real Hacienda Mexican Restaurant.

I’ve eaten there before and the food is always good.

Arch Diocese

  • 2012-1029

My Camera PositionSpent two days working on the Catholic School Scholarship and Career Achievement Awards event. Wasn’t that much to it. Tech WorldIt took a few hours to setup on Monday and about 4 hours to shoot Tuesday night, and most of that time was spent sitting around waiting for the event to start.

No, the most interesting thing about this shoot, wasn’t the event itself, but where the event was held.

Crowne Plaza Union Station Grand Hall, what use to be the entrance to Union Station.The Indianapolis railroad Union Station was shutdown during the 1970s. The station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the early 1980s. In the late 1980s Union Station was turned into a mall, but that only lasted until the mid 1990s.

Now it’s been converted into a hotel.
The Crowne Plaza Union Station Hotel.
Regular hotel rooms on the left. Railroad Coach rooms on the right.What’s so unique about this hotel is that many of the railroad coaches are still on the tracks and have been converted into hotel rooms.

Which I think was a great idea in preserving what the Union Station use to be.

The photographs that I have seen of some of the coach room gives a nostalgic feel to the place. All you would need is the motion of the train. I would love to spend the night in one of those coach rooms, just so I could say that I did.

Delta Faucet

  • 2012-1016

A 4 day shoot, but I only had to work 3 of those days because I have a EVS classes starting on Wednesday.

We setup all day Sunday at the University Place Conference Center by IUPUI. Though we didn’t have a lot to put together for this event, this setup was a lot tougher on me for some reason. By 3 o-clock my butt was dragging. Luckily, we were through by 5.

I guess that this was a sales conference for the Delta Faucet Company. Lots of enthusiasm from the CEO and President to rally the troupes. Breakout meets, dinners etc.

Yesterday was a two camera shoot for the primary meetings and a lot of sitting around waiting.

Today was pretty much the same but I was also “volunteered” to helped shoot 3 sessions of one of the breakout meetings in which I found out all I ever needed to know about faucets.

I also found out Monday night that I have a Pacers game to shoot tonigh.


  • 2012-1013

Breast Cancer Survivor Fashion Show rehearsalShot Pink Ribbon Connection’s annual “Stars of Pink” Breast Cancer Survivor Fashion Show.

Pink Ribbon Connection provides a network of breast cancer survivors with resources and services.

All of the models in the Fashion Show were Breast Cancer Survivors and proud of it!

Video WorldI didn’t have to setup any of the equipment because that was done by a crew yesterday. But I did have to break everything down which took about 2 and a half hours.

Nation Black MBA

  • 2012-0927

Nation Black MBA AssociationThis was a really easy event. One day setup, shoot and breakdown.

Even video world had been setup and used the day before at another event at the Indiana Roof. So all we had to do was to fly up the two screens, reset the projectors to new positions, reset the stage and build up a new camera.

My Camera position at the Nation Black MBA Buffet DinnerBuilding that camera is what I spent a few hours doing.

It should have been quick, but I ran into a problem with connecting the 55x Lens to the frame that connects the lens to the camera. They weren’t lining up. It took awhile to figure out why and then part of the camera had to be disassembled in order to make the whole thing work.

After that was done, most of my time was spent waiting for the show to start at 7pm. I was on my way home by 10:30p.

Cedia Expo 2012

  • 2012-0905

The Cedia Expo (residential electronic systems industry) is in town for the rest of the week. I’m doing two jobs at the Expo for Markeys. The Keynote Speech that took place tonight and the Awards Dinner Saturday. Both will be very long days.

Cedia Keynote: 09.05.12
The set-up for the Keynote was fairly simple. It was just Eric and myself, and it took about 2 hours to set-up 2 screens, video world, a camera and outdoor signage.

Michio Kaku Keynote SpeechBest part of the day was meeting the keynote speaker, Michio Kaku. I recognize him as soon as he walked into the ballroom and came over to our video world station. But I couldn’t place were I knew him from. Eric recognized him from the Discovery channel, then it all clicked for me.

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist. He’s also a best-selling author with a number of books on scientific exploration, the future, teleportation and time-travel theory.

His keynote speech was about the future in electronics and if he is just a third right, we will have a lot to look forward to.

Cedia Keynote Speech Video World.The only shooting that I did was for Cedia’s archives. Basically, set the camera up, focus it, lock it down then just, sit and watch.

It only took about an hour to break everything down and pack it away in the truck.

Cedia Awards: 09.08.12
This was a very long day!
Crew call was at 8am.

Video World for the Cedia Awards Dinner had already been built by the crew the day before.Apparently, most of the heavy work, cabling, video world, audio and lighting, had been done the day before, by another crew.

All we had to do today was finish off most of the details. Setup the stage for the band, cameras, accent lights and testing.

Cedia Awards Dinner and the Bar that I helped build.We also had to build, setup and light that Bar in the middle of the dance floor.

That’s what I spent the bulk of my day doing. Constructing that bar and helping in laying out and connecting the lights for it. When it was finished, it looked pretty engaging.

My camera position at the Cedia Awards Dinner.But like I said, it was a long day. We were pretty much finished by 1p but the doors for the dinner didn’t open until six. Trying to find “busy work” can be very tiring!

The Cedia Awards ceremony only took an hour to shoot.

Fortunately, another crew will breakdown the equipment on Monday, so I was on my way home by 9:30p.

Colt’s Kickoff Luncheon

  • 2012-0829

I’ve been looking forward to this event for awhile because it’s the big luncheon that the Indianapolis Colts give their players just before the regular season starts.

They play their last preseason game tomorrow night against the Cincinnati Bengals in Lucas Oil Stadium. Then Friday is the luncheon. I also hear, that right after that lunch, they cut their Final Players!

A last meal, and then you die.

Anyhow, it’s a 3 day shoot.

Day 1 – Wed. 08.29.12
Bring in all the containers and sorting them. The luncheon will take place in the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Hotel.
About an hour was taken up just getting the equipment up to the ballroom, then sorting out the containers for stage, audio, video etc.

The video switcher will be staged out in a back hallway. This will be a 3 camera The video switcher will be setup at the end of a back hallway.shoot. One long camera in the back. A side camera about midway and a stage camera.

Everyone helped in building the main truss that will cover the entire back wall. It will hold 2 screens, back lights and curtains.

Testing the lights before raising the truss.Four more truss were hang perpendicular to the main one. They will hold more lights, speakers and projectors. Then 2 more truss farther back that will hold more stage lights.

It took about 5 hours just to get that setup, along with lights tested and focused.

Everything has been lifted up.As I was leaving, the hotel was building the stage.

Day 2 – Thur. 08.30.12
Today was a long day.

The morning was kind of slow because we had to wait for more equipment to arrive.

But once that got there, we had more cable to run, cameras to set up, another projector to hang and both projectors needed to be framed and focused.

In the hallway by the Exit doors.The biggest problem though was the switcher. Markeys had been told, by the hotel, where we could set up our switcher. In the hallway, by the Exit doors. There were a number of Markeys people who were concerned about that location, but no, the hotel confirmed it, that’s where we can set it up.

Eric spent all day connecting up, what they like to refer to as “video world”, the switcher, and wouldn’t you know it, about 4pm, down comes another hotel manager to tell us,
“You can’t put that there! That’s an Emergency Exit!”


By the time that I left at 5pm, I still don’t think that the problem had been completely resolved. Though it does look like the switcher will stay, but with a few modifications.

Day 3 – Fri. 08.31.12
A lot of morning activities. Hotel employees running around getting tables ready. A lot of Colts employees running around doing whatever they do and being very nervous about it.

Final Solution for the Video World Exit Door problem.I did notice that the Video World Exit problem had a Final Solution.

For me, it was pretty much the usual, hurry up and wait. All we had to do was the Rehearsal… that never came. We ended up shooting the event blind, using only the script.

My camera view of the stage.It started off with opening words from the Colts owner, Jim Irsay. Then the players were introduced with a lot of pomp and fog. One Colts player per table. Then they ate lunch.

But they didn’t feed the crew even though Markey’s, I think, is a sponsor of this event.

One Colts player per table.After lunch, former Colts Headcoach Tony Dungy was the Key Note Speaker. He also interview the new coach Chuck Pagano and 6 of the Colt players one of which was the new Colts Quarterback, Andrew Luck.

The event went off without a hitch. All that was left was the breakdown, which I didn’t have to do.

I was doubled-booked for today, so after the event was over with, I was on my way to a TV40 football game.