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Currently, I think that my site looks well designed and contemporary.

But to get to this point, my site has evolved over a very long period of time. More then 20 years now, and it has gone through many many changes.

Clicking on the dates below will begin to take you back in time, and give you a little insight on how my site evolved over the last couple of, decades.

Or you can start at the bottom, at the beginning of my web site, and work your way forward.


After several years I began to feel that my site was becoming to old. I still didn’t want to get to heavy into programming the site, but I knew that I needed to change it.

So I began looking around for something new. A method to produce a new site, but not have to put a lot of effort into maintaining it.

Enter WordPress!

With WordPress the new site was easy to create by using Themes and even easier to maintain without a lot of heavy HTML.

Gallery Interface * (Video)

I wanted to highlighting more of my photo gallery, so instead of forcing people to dig down into my menus to find those Galleries, I just added it all to my frontpage.

I continued to use this theme for many years. Not because I liked it so much, but because I had grown tried of programming the site over and over again.

So I just stopped! For almost, 6 years!

Visual Interface * (Video)

What I liked about this interface was that as you moved your cursor over the different links, small windows would pop-up giving you more Textural and Visual information about where that link would take you.

And for the first time, I started using a "Slide-Out Navigational Menu Bar"

Floating Strip * (Video)

I got the idea for this interface from one of my favorite web sites, Ozone.

It started out as my homepage theme, but I finally moved it over to be the interface for my Flight Deck Simulation pages, where it's still being used today.

Drop Downs * (Web Page)

I wanted a homepage where you could access all of the panels from each flight deck, from a single page. So I created a homepage with nothing but Drop Down menus on it.

The page seemed a bit static, so I added a little Flash to the header image to add some movement.

This page surprisingly, still works.
Click the Image.

Shadow Plane * (Video)

The Mode Control theme had been around for a long time and I had finally grown tried of it. So I tried something a little more eye catching.

Photoshop slices.

Nice to look at, but way too large and way too many slices to load in. Lasted 6 months at the most.

But it sure was pretty!

Mode Control Glareshield * (Video)

I truly did like the mode control interface theme, so why not put the Mode Control into a real glareshield layout. Yeah...Now we’re talking!

And lets put a working Compass up there too!.

So, the Mode Control Layout would continue to roll-on.

Mode Control * (Video)

I stayed with the control interface idea, and just made it simpler, shorter, and with a lot more interaction.

I think it was by far, my best layout, because I kept it around for 2 whole years.

CDU * (Video)

By this point, the Flight Deck pages had completely become the focus of my site. So I thought that it would be nice if I used a flight deck control unit as a interface.

The CDU buttons worked and the scratchpad window changed accordingly.

I really loved the way this page functioned, so it hang around for a little over a year.

Flash 2 * (Web Page)

My second flash interface was a lot better then the first and lasted a lot longer.

When you rolled over my name with your mouse, the image of me would animate.

There was a Black background version of this, alone with the White.

Flash 1* (Image)
I no longer have an example of my first Flash Site. Just a image of it.

This was my first attempted at Flash, with more rollovers, sound effects and a lot of little things moving around.

It lasted for only a few months.

Testing 767 * (Image)
I no longer have an example of my 767 Site. Just a very small image of what it looked like.

By the time I created this page, I had learned how to use Fireworks and I went, a-little-crazy, with the roll-overs.

Everything on this page was a rollover effect...

and I do mean, everything!

Pop Ups * (Image)
I no longer have an example of my Popup Site. Just a very small image of what it looked like.

This was my first use of Fireworks so the layout was only up for a few months.

If you ran your cursor across the airplanes, all the images, logos and text would popped out.


Java * (Video)

I really liked this Java menu. It was simple and easy to use. It had sound effects and the pictures rotated to match the selections.

I kept it for about a year, then dropped it because I wasn't sure if the Java was running correctly on most computers. Besides, I wanted to try my new Fireworks graphic program.

Frames * (Image)
I no longer have an example of my Frame Site. Just a image of what it looked like.

As the Flight Deck pages became more popular, they also became more prominent on my site. So I went to a frame layout.

I thought that with the menu on the left, it would make it easier for people to navigate through my pages.

And it did, for awhile, until I began to understand how frames made it harder for search engines to index my site.

Television * (Web Page)

The rooms were nice, but I begin to feel that my site was, too interactive and that I should focus it to specific items.

So, I got to thinking, why not use, the TV! I mean, people can flip through the different channels and I can even throw in a little TV static.

What a great idea... ?

A True Homepage * (Web Page)

Once I got rid of the eye, I decided to make my site more home body, So I based it around the rooms in my home; Living Room, Bedroom, Study etc.

Most of the items in each room were linked rollover images, giving the user a nice interactive feel.

In 1995, I added the airplane on top of the white cabinet in the Study, with a link to a page that had a bit of information on the new 777 flight deck. It would be the beginnings of my Flight Deck Simulation site.

Click the image and take a look at the old web page.

My site started out a lot more intimate, with the emphases solely on my personal activities.

It was so intimate, that when you came to my homepage, the first thing that you saw was a full page with one large blinking eye staring back at you.

I was thinking that "People are looking at my site, so why don't I look back at them.". Cute!

I know!
I had a hard time letting it go, but I finally did!

But I still wish that I had access to those old files.


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  • Gerard DerenthalNo Gravatar says:
    2013-0107 at 10:45 am

    I built a Home built cockpit for B737-800NG..do you have one of these for the B737-800ng..or B787. Your site is really terrific………



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