Toledo vs Ball State

  • 2013-0929

Shot the Toledo vs Ball State football game for ESPN on Saturday. I use to shoot Ball State football for the MAC Conference for several years. But the station that I shot for lost the contact a few years ago.

So it has been awhile since I have shot this University and I was looking forward to shooting it again.

What I wasn’t looking forward to shooting was the End Zone Camera. That position has no elevator access, so every piece of equipment has to be hand carried up a lot of Stadium steps. It is a Ball Breaker!

But this time there was 4 of us to do the work instead of just two. So the job was a tad easier, but man, those step still do get the heart a pumping!

The game was fast paced and so were the camera calls. I do love shooting Football. Ball State won 31 to 24.

Here are a few photo highlights.

It is called by many names, but it is the form that tells the crew about everything that they need to know about the shoot.

Scheumann Stadium. My Camera Position is at the top of the tower to the left. With a whole lot of stairs in between.

Production and Satellite Trucks

Lunch time for the crew. Box Lunches that is. Sitting is optional.

It's where the Producer, Director, TD, Graphics, Font Coordinator sit.

Audio Control

Engineering is not only where the EIC lives, but also Replay and Shading. Not a whole lot of room to move around in. And what ever you do, Do Not Touch That Switch!

My camera position, Camera 4, High End Zone. Responsible for Tight Shots of players, Game Action for Replay and Near Side Coach.

My Camera View. Nice View but hard to get to.