Black Expo

O’Jays Concert

  • 2013-0720

This is my second year shooting the Indianapolis’s Black Expo’s free Concert. Last year the main headliner was Gladys Knight.

This year it was The O’Jays.
A moment before the free Black Expo concert starts. Man! It was Hot!

But I think that it was even Hotter this year then it was last year. And I do mean, weather hot!

We set up everything Thursday and it was so hot, that you just didn’t feel like moving. Thankfully, it only took us 4 1/2 ours to setup all of our equipment.

Friday, we installed the cameras and re-faxed everything, then we had 6 hours to sit around in the heat waiting for the concert to start.

The night’s opening acts, were Indianapolis-based Downstroke, and the Midnight Star. I’ve never heard of either of group.

When the O’Jays took the stage, they sung a few of their hits like “Back Stabbers”, “Love Train”, “For the Love of Money” and “Use ta Be My Girl”, my favorite.

For a group that has been around for more the 50 years, they were pretty good.

The only problem that I had, besides the heat, was that it got so crowded and packed, that people were trying to lean against or sit on my camera platform and thus, shaking my camera.

I keep asking them to get off, and at one point I was yelling, but by the time that the O’Jays came on, it was so crammed that most of my complains fell on deaf ears.

So I just had to work with it.
I still came up with great shots.