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O’Jays Concert

  • 2013-0720

This is my second year shooting the Indianapolis’s Black Expo’s free Concert. Last year the main headliner was Gladys Knight.

This year it was The O’Jays.
A moment before the free Black Expo concert starts. Man! It was Hot!

But I think that it was even Hotter this year then it was last year. And I do mean, weather hot!

We set up everything Thursday and it was so hot, that you just didn’t feel like moving. Thankfully, it only took us 4 1/2 ours to setup all of our equipment.

Friday, we installed the cameras and re-faxed everything, then we had 6 hours to sit around in the heat waiting for the concert to start.

The night’s opening acts, were Indianapolis-based Downstroke, and the Midnight Star. I’ve never heard of either of group.

When the O’Jays took the stage, they sung a few of their hits like “Back Stabbers”, “Love Train”, “For the Love of Money” and “Use ta Be My Girl”, my favorite.

For a group that has been around for more the 50 years, they were pretty good.

The only problem that I had, besides the heat, was that it got so crowded and packed, that people were trying to lean against or sit on my camera platform and thus, shaking my camera.

I keep asking them to get off, and at one point I was yelling, but by the time that the O’Jays came on, it was so crammed that most of my complains fell on deaf ears.

So I just had to work with it.
I still came up with great shots.

Fever vs Connecticut

  • 2013-0706

The Fever have Won. The awards ceremony is over with, and it's now time for me to break this camera down and go home.I haven’t shot a Fever game since last year’s Final when the Fever won the WNBA Championship. I have a few Fever games to shoot this month and tonight was the first in that series.

I was one of the down camera this time and I teamed up with Kyle Donnelly. We were at the south end of the court, at what is now referred to as camera 4.
Shooting down cameras is a lot more physical then shooting a up camera.

Fever vs Connecticut game. Second half. My view from the floor.

With down cameras, you’re a lot closer to the action, with the real possibilities of being run over by a player. During the breaks and half time you spend all of your time running around the court following the entertainment.

But, the nice part about shooting a down camera is that you’re working with a partner, so you shoot only half the game.

During the other half you work as your partner’s utility. Which just means that you manage your camera’s cable, which also means you pretty much get to sit back and enjoy the game.

I like to shoot the first half, just to get my shooting over with. Luckily Kyle wanted to shoot the second half anyhow, so that worked out just fine. We didn’t have to flip a coin.

The Fever haven’t been doing very well.

They have a lot of players on injury reserves.

But their star player Tamika Catchings had 22 points and six steals.

It also helped that Connecticut’s star player, reigning league MVP Tina Charles, was ejected from the game because of two technical fouls.

The Fever went on to win 78 to 66.