Butler’s Clowes Memorial Hall

  • 2013-0410

Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University. Opened in 1963I can remember when Clowes Hall was built.

I don’t think that Indianapolis had a real concert hall back in 1963, so I remember what a big deal Clowes was when it opened.

Video World, where all the magic takes place.But in all the years that I have been in Indianapolis, I have never been in Clowes Hall, that is until, today.

No music performances, no concert or orchestra, just a bunch of talking heads, ending with an hour long group discussion.

And for that we had 6 cameras. Two shoulder cameras, two cameras on sticks, one build up, a jib and a lot of rehearses.
A whole lot of rehearses.

Part of the crew eating lunchCrew call was for 9am.

We had a breakfast cameraman meet to get the overview of what we would be doing and our camera assignments.

We then spent two hours blocking out all of our camera views.

They provided us with lunch, which was nice, then it was another 2 hours of rehearses.

My Camera 3 and the JibDon’t get me wrong, rehearses are nice, at least you get a good idea of what to expect.

But the one thing that I have learned is that no matter how much you have rehearsed, once you start shooting for real, IT ALL CHANGES!

…and it did.

They lost a guest speaker at the very last minute before the program started, so the set had to be quickly rearranged and all of that rehearse went right out the window.

Clowes Memorial Hall StageThankfully we had a good Director that didn’t get all bent out of shape and he let the cameramen find the new shots with some small adjustments by him.

We finished around 6p.
All of the equipment was setup yesterday and it will be broken down tomorrow. So all we had to do was clear the set and cameras from the stage.