Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Indiana Ice vs Muskegon Lumberjacks

  • 2012-1213

Shot my very first hockey game tonight.
I’ve never been a big fan of hockey, even though I did learn how to skate.

A faded image of the Zweibrucken Skate Monitors that I worked with. I've often wonder whatever happen to these old Air Force buddies of mine.I was station at Zweibrucken AFB in Germany, which was only one of two Air Force bases that had a Ice Skating Ring. The other base being, The Air Force Academy.

The Zweibrucken AFB Skating Ring was open to the public and all the local German kids and young adults came there in the evening, specially Saturday night. I use to go to that ring everyday after work. It became kind of a obsession for me, and I became quite good at skating.

I even became a Skate Monitor. (Everybody say, Ohoooo Ahhhhh!)
But I got a lot of dates as a Skate Monitor. It was a Chick Magnet.

Hockey practice just as the fieldhouse is opening.Anyhow, I always wanted to shoot a hockey game, but never had the opportunity until now. The Indiana Ice are a part of the United States Hockey Tier 1 League. The Ice even won the Clark Cup Championship in the 2008-09 season, though I don’t think that they are all that good now.

I figured that the game would be fast to shoot, and it was, but after a few minutes of panning, I got the hang of it. If you lose the puck, just follow where all the players are skating toward and there it will be. Three 20 minute periods with 15 minutes in-between each period.

The game was fun to shoot. It was something different!
The Ice lost in a overtime shootout.
I think that I have a couple more Ice games this month.