Archbishop of Indianapolis Installment

  • 2012-1203

Archbishop Joseph Tobin was installed as the sixth archbishop of the Indianapolis diocese. TV40 shot the event, live, today at the SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Cathedral. TV40 also web-streamed the event.

Camera 1 PositionCrew Call was 8 am at the church. It didn’t take us long to setup everything. Two cameras on the balcony and 1 camera on each side of the sanctuary. Audio tapped into their PA system and they also put mics on the choir.

Jeff directed.

We ate lunch around noon and the event started at 2 pm and lasted about 2 hours.

SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Cathedral from the balcony.The only problem that we had was that the Satellite Truck’s generator shut down just minutes before the ceremony began, and of course, without any power to the Satellite Truck, there would be no broadcasting of this event. But Engineering jumped all over it, and I believe tapped power from the Production Truck to get the Satellite Truck back up and running.

We had everything broken down and out of there by 5pm.