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Hall of Fame 2012

  • 2012-1229

The annual Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Classic games
are once again upon us, though this years it’s being called City
Securities Hall of Fame Classic.

Two days of nothing but basketball with some of the best High School teams in the state. The game is hosted at the world’s largest high school fieldhouse, (New Castle, IN – capacity 9,325).

But wait a minute!
We just had a Huge Snowstorm that started Wednesday night and continued on Thursday morning, so Thursday’s games have been called off. The four games that we were suppose to shoot today, have now been added to Friday.

That’s shooting EIGHT games in one day.
Eight games in one day!
It’s tough shooting two games back to back, but shooting eight games, one right after another? Tomorrow is going to be a real back breaker.

Day 1:Thursday Dec 27th
Hall of Fame Setup with David and Jeff having some fun.Crew Call was for 3:30pm in New Castle, IN. We first ate lunch at Stacks (a local restaurant) and
then we Set Up our equipment at the New Castle HS around 5pm.

We finished setup around 8pm and then went and checked into our hotel. I will be rooming with Robert Lewis, who I also drove up to New Castle. Around 9pm, most of the crew went bowling, a tradition that this crew does every year at the Hall of Fame.

I stayed in the hotel room to get some rest.

By the way, it’s called the Hall of Fame Classic because the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame building is right next door to the gym. Their one of the sponsors of the games.

Day 2: Friday Dec 28th
Hall of Fame Game #6 with Cameraman Ian (in chair) relaxing during pre-game practices. The 6th game was my game off.Woke up at 5:45am.
Another tradition is that the crew always has breakfast at Stacks and this time I
think that I ordered more then I could chew.
I was stuffed!

Crew Call was for 7:30am.
We faxed cameras and everybody bitched about how much they were not looking forward to doing this. But do it we did, starting with the first game at 9am.

There were 3 down cameraman Ian Webb, Rick Klemczewski and myself. The 3 of us rotated the 2 down camera positions, so that it was basically 2 games on, 1 game off. Rick got the short end of the stick, he had to shoot 6 games while Ian and I only shot 5.
We pulled rank over him!

But even with your time off, you were still pulling cable for the Opening Standup or filling in another position to give that operator some, Me time. So, no matter how you look at it, it was a long day for everybody.

The last game finished about 10:30pm and we were out of there by 11:30pm.

Indy Legacy 2012

  • 2012-1215

This basketball shoot came about very suddenly, I only had a couple of days notice that I was shooting it and I probably wouldn’t have mentioned the games on this blog if not for one unusual reason.

Arsenal Tech GymThe Legacy High School Basketball Showcase is a full day of basketball showcasing some of Indiana’s best players to college scouts. Ten teams and 5 games.

I got in early Saturday morning to set up the production truck. It only took about and hour and a half. TV40 will show all 5 games. The first 4 games will be webcast only and the last game will be televised.

I didn’t have to stay for the webcast games, so after setting up cameras, I left around 11:30am. They left a single cameraman and engineer to cover the 4 games. That’s a lot of games for one cameraman to shoot but they found somebody to do it.

Just as long as it isn’t me.

I got back to Arsenal Tech Gym about 6pm to shoot the last, 5th game. That’s when I found out who the Announcing Talent had been all day for the webcast games.

Legacy High School Basketball Showcase Announcer Talent. L to R: Dennis Kasey (Color), Keith Passon (Play-By-Play) and Tim Bourff (Stats)Dennis Kasey and Keith Passon!

Dennis is a Account Executive with WHMB-TV, who also produces all of TV40’s sports events. He is an wealth of sport knowledge.

But Keith Passon! Keith is WHMB’s General Manager. I never expected to see him behind the mic calling the Play-by-Play for games.
But there he was.
I had to get a picture!

The final game was between Chicago Curie vs Arsenal Tech. Tech won easily with Trey Lyles putting on a showcase for the college scouts.

I think that we will be seeing more of Trey on the college level.

Indiana Ice vs Muskegon Lumberjacks

  • 2012-1213

Shot my very first hockey game tonight.
I’ve never been a big fan of hockey, even though I did learn how to skate.

A faded image of the Zweibrucken Skate Monitors that I worked with. I've often wonder whatever happen to these old Air Force buddies of mine.I was station at Zweibrucken AFB in Germany, which was only one of two Air Force bases that had a Ice Skating Ring. The other base being, The Air Force Academy.

The Zweibrucken AFB Skating Ring was open to the public and all the local German kids and young adults came there in the evening, specially Saturday night. I use to go to that ring everyday after work. It became kind of a obsession for me, and I became quite good at skating.

I even became a Skate Monitor. (Everybody say, Ohoooo Ahhhhh!)
But I got a lot of dates as a Skate Monitor. It was a Chick Magnet.

Hockey practice just as the fieldhouse is opening.Anyhow, I always wanted to shoot a hockey game, but never had the opportunity until now. The Indiana Ice are a part of the United States Hockey Tier 1 League. The Ice even won the Clark Cup Championship in the 2008-09 season, though I don’t think that they are all that good now.

I figured that the game would be fast to shoot, and it was, but after a few minutes of panning, I got the hang of it. If you lose the puck, just follow where all the players are skating toward and there it will be. Three 20 minute periods with 15 minutes in-between each period.

The game was fun to shoot. It was something different!
The Ice lost in a overtime shootout.
I think that I have a couple more Ice games this month.

Carmel vs North Central

  • 2012-1207

Shot a basketball game for TV40 at my old high school Alma mater, North Central. I’ve shot many games there before, both basketball and football, but this is the first time that I have shot a game there on my birthday.

North Central lost to Camel 50-49I’ve gotten a number of birthday calls and greets over the phone, email and Facebook. I think that as I get older I would just sooner not be reminded about the date, but I guess that in the end, it’s always nice that a few people remember.

And North Central lost to their hated rival Camel 50-49. All North Central had to do was hang on to the ball for 19 seconds to win and they couldn’t do!

Inside Indy December

  • 2012-1206

Had a 11:30am Crew Call to shoot 4 shows of “Inside Indy”.

The set was pretty much already setup by the time that I got there. All that had to be done was to While Balance the cameras.

Inside Indy SetThe Guest arrived at Noon and we shoot the first show at 12:15pm. Each show runs a Half an Hour, one show per week, and we always shoot 3 or 4 for the whole month.

There was a big Guest gap between 1p and 3:15p. Most of the crew took the time to get some lunch. I had eaten before I got to the station so I just hang around the station and had a dupe made of the Archbishop of Indianapolis Installment DVD that we shot Monday.

Show topics for this month were Girl Scouts/Public Library, Ex-Offenders, Downtown Living, and Health & Fitness. We shot the last two shows late afternoon and finished about 5:15p.

Archbishop of Indianapolis Installment

  • 2012-1203

Archbishop Joseph Tobin was installed as the sixth archbishop of the Indianapolis diocese. TV40 shot the event, live, today at the SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Cathedral. TV40 also web-streamed the event.

Camera 1 PositionCrew Call was 8 am at the church. It didn’t take us long to setup everything. Two cameras on the balcony and 1 camera on each side of the sanctuary. Audio tapped into their PA system and they also put mics on the choir.

Jeff directed.

We ate lunch around noon and the event started at 2 pm and lasted about 2 hours.

SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Cathedral from the balcony.The only problem that we had was that the Satellite Truck’s generator shut down just minutes before the ceremony began, and of course, without any power to the Satellite Truck, there would be no broadcasting of this event. But Engineering jumped all over it, and I believe tapped power from the Production Truck to get the Satellite Truck back up and running.

We had everything broken down and out of there by 5pm.