Fever vs Dream Playoff

  • 2012-1002

One of the new Control Rooms.I think that this will be the last game that we will be shooting with the temporary equipment. The new Control Rooms are almost finished. The new Media Board in the stadium is up and they have the new cameras.

The Indiana Fever took a 75-64 win over the Atlanta Dream in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Fever now advances to the Conference Finals where they will take on the Connecticut Sun this Friday, in Connecticut.

I was camera 2 at this semifinal game and I partnered with Andy Hoke. We were underneath the basket at the north end of the fieldhouse. I shot the first half of the game and Andy shot the second half.

We were shooting for not only the in-house screens but also NBC-TV and for a web stream.

That's Andy down there shooting, but as you can see, we are very close to the action on the floor. An East Target.For me, the game was very physical because I got ran over twice by players. Tameka Catchings was the first player to hit me. She made a break-away at the other end of the court and came in for a fast lay-up at my end, and her momentum carried her right into me.

I saw it coming!

And there wasn’t anything that I could do to avoid it, but sit back and brace for the impact. I was sitting on the floor, and her hit pushed me all the way onto my back. Andy was right behind me and he managed to grab the camera so that it wouldn’t hit the floor.

Always protect the camera!

I could hear the Director through the Head-set asking me if I was alright, but it took a moment for me to get myself squared away before I could answer.

Also, the right lens of my glasses popped out, but I didn’t know that at the time because my glasses were still on my face. When I looked back through the camera viewfinder, I was wondering, “Why is this camera so out of focus?”. I thought that it was the camera, so I reset everything and kept on shooting. It wasn’t until later, when I took my glasses off, that I realized that the right lens was gone.

I later found it in the fold of my shirt.

That hit also drew blood. But I didn’t find that out until the 2nd half when one of the fans who was sitting court side, looked at my face and said, “Ohhhh, you’re blooding!” and gave me a tissue to wipe it away.

During the 2nd quarter, I got hit a second time but I never got the name, of that Mac Truck. All I saw was a big white blob headed toward me, and I ended up on my back, again.

This time, when I got back onto the head-set, I said to the Director, “You know, I think I need to change my position.” and he said…

“NO No No, don’t do that! You’re getting great shots!