Delta Faucet

  • 2012-1016

A 4 day shoot, but I only had to work 3 of those days because I have a EVS classes starting on Wednesday.

We setup all day Sunday at the University Place Conference Center by IUPUI. Though we didn’t have a lot to put together for this event, this setup was a lot tougher on me for some reason. By 3 o-clock my butt was dragging. Luckily, we were through by 5.

I guess that this was a sales conference for the Delta Faucet Company. Lots of enthusiasm from the CEO and President to rally the troupes. Breakout meets, dinners etc.

Yesterday was a two camera shoot for the primary meetings and a lot of sitting around waiting.

Today was pretty much the same but I was also “volunteered” to helped shoot 3 sessions of one of the breakout meetings in which I found out all I ever needed to know about faucets.

I also found out Monday night that I have a Pacers game to shoot tonigh.