Arch Diocese

  • 2012-1029

My Camera PositionSpent two days working on the Catholic School Scholarship and Career Achievement Awards event. Wasn’t that much to it. Tech WorldIt took a few hours to setup on Monday and about 4 hours to shoot Tuesday night, and most of that time was spent sitting around waiting for the event to start.

No, the most interesting thing about this shoot, wasn’t the event itself, but where the event was held.

Crowne Plaza Union Station Grand Hall, what use to be the entrance to Union Station.The Indianapolis railroad Union Station was shutdown during the 1970s. The station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the early 1980s. In the late 1980s Union Station was turned into a mall, but that only lasted until the mid 1990s.

Now it’s been converted into a hotel.
The Crowne Plaza Union Station Hotel.
Regular hotel rooms on the left. Railroad Coach rooms on the right.What’s so unique about this hotel is that many of the railroad coaches are still on the tracks and have been converted into hotel rooms.

Which I think was a great idea in preserving what the Union Station use to be.

The photographs that I have seen of some of the coach room gives a nostalgic feel to the place. All you would need is the motion of the train. I would love to spend the night in one of those coach rooms, just so I could say that I did.