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Arch Diocese

  • 2012-1029

My Camera PositionSpent two days working on the Catholic School Scholarship and Career Achievement Awards event. Wasn’t that much to it. Tech WorldIt took a few hours to setup on Monday and about 4 hours to shoot Tuesday night, and most of that time was spent sitting around waiting for the event to start.

No, the most interesting thing about this shoot, wasn’t the event itself, but where the event was held.

Crowne Plaza Union Station Grand Hall, what use to be the entrance to Union Station.The Indianapolis railroad Union Station was shutdown during the 1970s. The station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the early 1980s. In the late 1980s Union Station was turned into a mall, but that only lasted until the mid 1990s.

Now it’s been converted into a hotel.
The Crowne Plaza Union Station Hotel.
Regular hotel rooms on the left. Railroad Coach rooms on the right.What’s so unique about this hotel is that many of the railroad coaches are still on the tracks and have been converted into hotel rooms.

Which I think was a great idea in preserving what the Union Station use to be.

The photographs that I have seen of some of the coach room gives a nostalgic feel to the place. All you would need is the motion of the train. I would love to spend the night in one of those coach rooms, just so I could say that I did.

WNBA Finals 2012

  • 2012-1021

My Game CAMI shot 3 games this weekend.

On Friday I shot a High School Sectional 1st Round game, Zionsville vs Brownsburg.

The underdog Zionsville won.

Yesterday, Saturday night, I shot the Pacers last preseason game, Pacers vs. Grizzlies.

The Pacers won that too.

But tonight, after so many years of shooting, I finally shot my first Pro Championship game. Fever vs. Lynx, WNBA Game 4 of best out of 5 series with the Fever leading 2 games to 1.

A 30 second time-out.Though you could feel the tension in the air, I tried to shoot this game just like any other. But with more cameras, more people, more Indian Chiefs watching everything that we do, maintaining a calm mind set could be hard to do.

Try and forget all of that and just shoot the game. Make sure that you follow your shot list, and try not to blow it by making a mistake!

Well, I didn’t make any mistakes!
I rather enjoyed the game.
It was, Fun To Do!

The Fever have Won. The awards ceremony is over with, and it's now time for me to break this camera down and go home.Things did start to get a little tight toward the end when it became apparent that the Fever were going to win the WNBA Championship. The shot calls from the director were coming a lot faster and the tension went up 10 fold.

The feeling was…

“We only got one shot at this, so get it right!”

With all the shouting, crying, hugging, jubilation, interviews, awards ceremony and crowd shots, there was plenty to shoot. Just get a good shot, wait for the director’s call, then quickly find your next moment.

After the game was over with, I had to break my camera down to get it back to the studio, before I could leave.

The email that I got from the Director read:

Great game last night!

I didn’t get the chance to say thanks to everyone last night, with all the craziness happening,  but SUPER THANKS again for the hard work.  Everyone in the arena, fans and staff, all noticed.  We ALL got lots of praise for the show.

WE KICKED A@#! ~ Chris

It’s always good to know that you did good!

Pacers EVS System

  • 2012-1018

One of the Pacers EVS Remote ControllersI spent yesterday and today learning how to operate the Pacers new EVS (pronounced, Elvis) system. I have been wanting to learn how to operate this system for a very long time.

For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, EVS is a video server that allows broadcasters to record, control and playback synchronously multiple clips, or in other words, it creates the instant replays and slow-motion effects that you see on just about every sport broadcast on TV.

Pacers EVS System with 2 Remote ControllersI’ve heard it all about learning how to operate an EVS system.
It’s Hard!
It’s complicated!
It’s not easy to learn.

Well, now I know.
It’s not easy, but the basics aren’t hard to learn either.

It’s all that other stuff that goes along with it that I will have to learn in order to become a proficient operator. This controller can do an amazing amount work on any video that comes into the system.

Pacers EVS ClassSince the Pacers sent out invitations to all of their freelancers, my big worry was that the class would be so large, that nobody would be able to learn anything.

EVS is definitely a hands-on-system. OJT, as the army would say.

But the class size was manageable.

The first day was spent leaning the basics. How to start the system, some configurations, controller layout, mark ins/outs of clips and how to replay them.

The second day was more about how the overall system worked and how to run apps like the xFiles and the IPDirector.

Now all I have to do is pick up some Pacers game to use what I’ve learned.

Pacers vs Hawks

  • 2012-1016

One of the Pacers brand new cameras.I finished up on the Delta Faucet shoot a lot earlier then I thought that I would. So I had time to drive home change my clothes and get some rest before I had to shoot the Pacer game.

All of the new equipment that the Pacers bought has be installed. Now all they have to do, is spend forever tweaking it.

The Pacers won an exhibition game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Delta Faucet

  • 2012-1016

A 4 day shoot, but I only had to work 3 of those days because I have a EVS classes starting on Wednesday.

We setup all day Sunday at the University Place Conference Center by IUPUI. Though we didn’t have a lot to put together for this event, this setup was a lot tougher on me for some reason. By 3 o-clock my butt was dragging. Luckily, we were through by 5.

I guess that this was a sales conference for the Delta Faucet Company. Lots of enthusiasm from the CEO and President to rally the troupes. Breakout meets, dinners etc.

Yesterday was a two camera shoot for the primary meetings and a lot of sitting around waiting.

Today was pretty much the same but I was also “volunteered” to helped shoot 3 sessions of one of the breakout meetings in which I found out all I ever needed to know about faucets.

I also found out Monday night that I have a Pacers game to shoot tonigh.


  • 2012-1013

Breast Cancer Survivor Fashion Show rehearsalShot Pink Ribbon Connection’s annual “Stars of Pink” Breast Cancer Survivor Fashion Show.

Pink Ribbon Connection provides a network of breast cancer survivors with resources and services.

All of the models in the Fashion Show were Breast Cancer Survivors and proud of it!

Video WorldI didn’t have to setup any of the equipment because that was done by a crew yesterday. But I did have to break everything down which took about 2 and a half hours.

Central Catholic @ West Lafayette

  • 2012-1012

West Lafayette StudiumLast regular game of the season and it’s the first and only time that I have ever driven to the wrong location.

Because of a misprint in the email that I got, I thought that the game was in Brownsburg.

But, once I got there, things didn’t seem right, so with a couple of phone calls, I found out that the games was in West Lafayette. A hour drive away.

Of course, my mistake was the high point of good-natured teasing from the crew.

FT. Wayne Snider @ Dwenger

  • 2012-1006

You know, this was the kind of game that all sports cameraman dread having to shoot. Rainy, cold, wet and very miserable!

First of all, the game was in Ft. Wayne, so it took 2 hours to drive up there and the same to get home and it rained almost all the way up.

It continue to rain throughout the whole game. If there had been lightning with that rain, the game would have been delayed or called. No such luck!
Just a slow Drizzle rain.
And the winter like cold!

I spend a lot of my time trying to keep my equipment dry.
Which was a losing cause!
I could hear on my headset calls from other crew members who’s equipment is starting to die because of the water.
I’ve just stepped into a pool of water and sunk all the way up to my ankle.
My socks are completely soaked. Both of them!
I can feel my toes squishing in my shoes.
My fingers are freezing making it hard to work the camera.
My viewfinder keeps fogging up.
My nose is running and the snot is beginning to freeze on my upper lip.
I got a mountain of rain gear on making it hard to move.
But there’s still water running down my back, and I can’t get to it!
And on top of everything else…
…I gotta pee.

And it’s only the beginning of the third quarter!

Who cares who’s winning!
Let’s just get this game from Hell over with!

Full Circle

  • 2012-1004

textGot a message early this morning asking if I was available to shoot this afternoon.

I said that I was and so I unexpectedly spent the afternoon shooting Full Circle at the TV40 studios.

We only shot two shows.

The first one was with some audiologist and the second one was with Carey Lykins, President & Chief Executive Officer of Indianapolis’s Citizens Energy Group.

Fever vs Dream Playoff

  • 2012-1002

One of the new Control Rooms.I think that this will be the last game that we will be shooting with the temporary equipment. The new Control Rooms are almost finished. The new Media Board in the stadium is up and they have the new cameras.

The Indiana Fever took a 75-64 win over the Atlanta Dream in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Fever now advances to the Conference Finals where they will take on the Connecticut Sun this Friday, in Connecticut.

I was camera 2 at this semifinal game and I partnered with Andy Hoke. We were underneath the basket at the north end of the fieldhouse. I shot the first half of the game and Andy shot the second half.

We were shooting for not only the in-house screens but also NBC-TV and for a web stream.

That's Andy down there shooting, but as you can see, we are very close to the action on the floor. An East Target.For me, the game was very physical because I got ran over twice by players. Tameka Catchings was the first player to hit me. She made a break-away at the other end of the court and came in for a fast lay-up at my end, and her momentum carried her right into me.

I saw it coming!

And there wasn’t anything that I could do to avoid it, but sit back and brace for the impact. I was sitting on the floor, and her hit pushed me all the way onto my back. Andy was right behind me and he managed to grab the camera so that it wouldn’t hit the floor.

Always protect the camera!

I could hear the Director through the Head-set asking me if I was alright, but it took a moment for me to get myself squared away before I could answer.

Also, the right lens of my glasses popped out, but I didn’t know that at the time because my glasses were still on my face. When I looked back through the camera viewfinder, I was wondering, “Why is this camera so out of focus?”. I thought that it was the camera, so I reset everything and kept on shooting. It wasn’t until later, when I took my glasses off, that I realized that the right lens was gone.

I later found it in the fold of my shirt.

That hit also drew blood. But I didn’t find that out until the 2nd half when one of the fans who was sitting court side, looked at my face and said, “Ohhhh, you’re blooding!” and gave me a tissue to wipe it away.

During the 2nd quarter, I got hit a second time but I never got the name, of that Mac Truck. All I saw was a big white blob headed toward me, and I ended up on my back, again.

This time, when I got back onto the head-set, I said to the Director, “You know, I think I need to change my position.” and he said…

“NO No No, don’t do that! You’re getting great shots!