Cedia Expo 2012

  • 2012-0905

The Cedia Expo (residential electronic systems industry) is in town for the rest of the week. I’m doing two jobs at the Expo for Markeys. The Keynote Speech that took place tonight and the Awards Dinner Saturday. Both will be very long days.

Cedia Keynote: 09.05.12
The set-up for the Keynote was fairly simple. It was just Eric and myself, and it took about 2 hours to set-up 2 screens, video world, a camera and outdoor signage.

Michio Kaku Keynote SpeechBest part of the day was meeting the keynote speaker, Michio Kaku. I recognize him as soon as he walked into the ballroom and came over to our video world station. But I couldn’t place were I knew him from. Eric recognized him from the Discovery channel, then it all clicked for me.

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist. He’s also a best-selling author with a number of books on scientific exploration, the future, teleportation and time-travel theory.

His keynote speech was about the future in electronics and if he is just a third right, we will have a lot to look forward to.

Cedia Keynote Speech Video World.The only shooting that I did was for Cedia’s archives. Basically, set the camera up, focus it, lock it down then just, sit and watch.

It only took about an hour to break everything down and pack it away in the truck.

Cedia Awards: 09.08.12
This was a very long day!
Crew call was at 8am.

Video World for the Cedia Awards Dinner had already been built by the crew the day before.Apparently, most of the heavy work, cabling, video world, audio and lighting, had been done the day before, by another crew.

All we had to do today was finish off most of the details. Setup the stage for the band, cameras, accent lights and testing.

Cedia Awards Dinner and the Bar that I helped build.We also had to build, setup and light that Bar in the middle of the dance floor.

That’s what I spent the bulk of my day doing. Constructing that bar and helping in laying out and connecting the lights for it. When it was finished, it looked pretty engaging.

My camera position at the Cedia Awards Dinner.But like I said, it was a long day. We were pretty much finished by 1p but the doors for the dinner didn’t open until six. Trying to find “busy work” can be very tiring!

The Cedia Awards ceremony only took an hour to shoot.

Fortunately, another crew will breakdown the equipment on Monday, so I was on my way home by 9:30p.