Indiana Conpanies To Watch Dinner

  • 2012-0822

Indiana Roof Ballroom, built in 1927.Day 1 Wed. 08.22.12
Working on a 3 day project with Markeys. Another corporate dinner. How many of those do I remember doing at United?

This one is at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. Markeys holds the Media Contract for all of their events. My first time in this Switcherballroom and I will be here again next week for the Colts Luncheon.

Interesting ballroom! It’s modeled on a Spanish village. All it needs is the people.

Setup wasn’t to bad. Two screens, 2 cameras, mobile switcher and audio. My My camera 1 positioncamera is on the baloney and I’m not sure who will be running the down cam.

Will have to bag my own food tomorrow because I don’t think that they will be feeding us.

Day 2 Thur. 08.23.12
On the day of the luncheon, we had a Audio Board2pm crew call, which I think was way to early. The luncheon wasn’t until 6:30pm. But, I’m like everybody else, if they want to pay me to sit around for 4 hours, hey, I’ll do that in a heartbeat.

The shoot was really easy.
A couple of speakers welcoming everybody.
Dinner TablesEverybody eats dinner… except us!
A couple more speakers.
Hand out some awards.
Have someone say goodbye and I’ll driving home by 9pm.

Day 3 Fri. 08.24.12
Quick breakdown. Only took about an hour and a half to breakdown all of the All of our Equipment waiting at curb for, pack it up and get it out to the curb for pick up. But I still get payed 3 hours minimum.