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Lilly Conference

  • 2012-0724

Eli Lilly's Headquarters: Indianapolis, INAnother shoot at Eli Lilly.
Another conference.
Cameras already setup.
Hour and a half shoot.
Eat lunch. They have a great cafeteria.
Setup for tomorrow’s shoot,
which I’m not a part of.
Home by 3p.
Quick & Easy.

Gladys Knight Concert

  • 2012-0721

The view from my Camera 1 position.The Indiana Black Expo is this week-end and the first concert of the expo was Gladys Knight with the opening act of Zapp.

Markeys had the contract to shoot it for the 2 JumboTron screens and I worked the camera 1 position.

It was an all day shoot. I got to Markeys about 9am Friday morning and didn’t get home until about 1am Saturday morning.

We spent most of the morning setting up cameras. A lot of the ground work was already set by a setup crew on Thursday.

Mike Logan was part of that crew and he was still there Friday, to help complete camera setup. Mike and I use to work at United Airlines together and I hadn’t seen him in a few years, so it was good to catch up with him.

Crew L to R, Bryant: on cell phone - Utiliy, Steve: with sunglasses - Tape, Robert: peace sign - Cameraman, Eric: sitting crosslegged - Director, Clem: standing - Cameraman. Behind them is the Catering Tent.Mike does a lot of work for Markeys and I just started with them, so hopefully, we will be on other crews together.  His 92 year old grandmother had died earlier in the week and her burial was on Saturday, so he left early.

Once we got everything working, it was pretty much sit and wait for about 5 hours. This is always the time when you really get to know your crew mates.

Real Taste CateringThe expo provided us with lunch and dinner meals by Real Taste Catering. Out door barbecuing at it’s best. They served some really good meals.

Once the concert started at 6p, it went for about 5 hours, with a few breaks in-between acts. First up was Zapp. I had never heard of them, but they were pretty good. The club band Con Funk Shun was next. They were just so, so.

Gladys Knight and her Manager/Husband just after band rehersal, on their way back to the hotel.Of course, Gladys Knight was the performer that everybody came to see. People started showing up and marking out their seats, even before we got there by 10a.

Her concert was very good and lasted about an hour and a half. She sung all the old favorites and even her brother Merald “Bubba” Knight showed up for a few numbers.

Everybody, including myself, thinks that he went off script and did a little bit more, on stage, then he was suppose to.

The switching equipment was very mobile. Everything was in crates on wheels.Break down wasn’t as bad as I thought that it would be. Pulling up the cables took the longest, but once we got that done, we finished pretty quickly.

All in all, it was a nice “free” concert, with a very large crowd, and a good pay day for me.

Fever vs Sparks

  • 2012-0712

ESPN Shot Sheet of playersWell, this is the last WNBA game until after the London Olympics. Next game will be about a month from now.

Tamika Catchings was selected for her third Olympic team, having previously played on the gold medal USA winning teams at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.

This games was also covered by ESPN.

ESPN Camera InstructionsOnce again the Fever faded in the 2nd half and this time losing to the Sparks 77 to 74.

Fever vs Liberty

  • 2012-0710

They’re now streaming the game over the internet. Which adds a little extra to my camera work because I live by the Tally Light, which indicates when my camera is “live” to program. When that light goes off, I’m quickly readjusting my camera and moving to my next shot.

But with them streaming to the internet, there is no tally light to signify that I’m “live” to the web, unless the director tells me so. Which he may not do. Even though my tally light has gone out, indicating that my camera is no longer “live” to program, I maybe still “live” on the web.

Basically, I now have to think of my camera as being “live” at all times. A minor hassle, but you make the adjustment.

Tamika Catchings scored 23 points, including the winning free throws with 8.4 seconds left, to give the Indiana Fever an 84-82 victory over the New York Liberty.

I shot the video below (and not a very good one) with my iPhone. It’s the walk that I make from the Control Room to my Camera 1. If you’ve never been in Banker’s Life Fieldhouse, this is for you.

Click To Play

Fever vs Sky

  • 2012-0707
The Control Room just after the cameraman's meeting

We had a new man directing today. It was Dean’s first game because I think that Chris and Brian were both out on vacation and I’m guessing they kind of dumped him into the deep end of the pool. But he did real good.

The Fever started out fast in the first half, but faded in the second, again. They finally pulled out a win in overtime, 88 to 86.

After the next two games, the WNBA will be off for a month while the London Olympics is being played.

Fever vs Silver Stars

  • 2012-0705
Game Cam with swivel chair

It’s been awhile since I’ve shot a Fever game, though I have about 3 coming up over the next week or so.

I was the only “up” camera tonight, and it felt kind of lonely up there. But I had lots of room and my camera was set dead center to the court for a change, instead of being pushed off to the sides.

The new Power Box to the lens.

For a moment there, it was looking like I might not shoot at all, because I was having trouble with my Zoom Control. (The camera would not zoom in and out.) The engineer spent a good hour looking the camera over and finally replaced the old power box to the lens with a brand new one, which fixed the problem.

The Fever had a strong first half and were killing with a 20 point lead, but they still managed to lose the game in the second half, 88 to 72.