Wheeler Mission

  • 2012-0616
Wheeler Mission Banner

I did a shoot for the Wheeler Mission Ministries yesterday afternoon and evening. This ministry works for the Homeless here in Indianapolis and from what I’ve heard, they’re doing a pretty good job. I remember doing some shooting on a promo ad for them a few years ago.

They set up tents downtown by the War Memorial and they camped out all night, with music, games, prizes, information, food and a movie.

Early concert audience.

Anyhow, this is their 3nd year doing this outdoor concert, and I was shooting the bands for the Jumbotron Video Screen that the ministry had setup.

Gary Havens provided the jumbotron. I have worked with him before on the AMA Races that I shoot most years.

There were about 4 groups that played, the biggest of them was the Hunter Smith Band. He did a 2 hour set while the others did about 45 minutes. Only two cameras were used.

The day was very hot, but the evening cooled off. I didn’t get home until about 1am this morning.


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