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Cathedral @ Carmel: State Finals

  • 2012-0526
Lacrosse State Finals - Carmel warming up

This is my third year shooting the State High School Lacrosse Finals. Shooting Lacrosse is a little faster then shooting football and the game moves along a lot faster too. I was camera 4 down near the sideline, but instead of being shoulder mounted, they had me on sticks.

It was also a very hot day. Muggy and very uncomfortable. I felt slaggiest all day long, so it was a good thing that the final game didn’t start until 8 pm, and by then the heat had cooled down a lot.

We didn’t get out of there until after 11 pm. A long 10 hour day.


Pacers vs Heat Game 4

  • 2012-0520

Bankers Life ArenaI shot Fan Cam for the Pacers 4th game with the Miami Heat. I shot the first half and Frank shot the second. There was a lot of hope in the arena that the Pacers could win this one and take a 3 to 1 series lead. But it didn’t happen. The Pacers lead during most of the game, then kind of faded during the 4th.

Pacers vs Heat Shot ListI was also here yesterday shooting the Game Cam for the Fever game, which turned out a lot better. The Fever easily won their game.

By the way, you can find a better image of the Bankers Life Arena that I took a few years ago, in my Location Gallery.

Big 10 Rowing Chanpionship

  • 2012-0513

Worked the Big 10 Womens’s Rowing Championship out at Eagle Creek Park this morning. As I did last year. I had a 5:30am crew call and we were finished and breaking down equipment by 1pm.

Michigan won its fifth rowing title. There were 4 varsity 8 races and 2 varsity 4 races. No heats! Just 6 races that took about and hour and a half to run.

Second race of the day.

Michigan wins it's fifth title.

Fever vs San Antonio

  • 2012-0509

The WNBA started today, so this is the first game for the Fever and I was back on High CAM.

The arena was about a 3rd empty, but a lot of kids were there for the game.

Fever won!

Pacers vs Magic Game 5

  • 2012-0508

Moments away from victory!Fifth game of the series with the Pacers leading 3 games to 1. But this is where the Pacers needed to end this, and they did with a 105 to 87 victory.

Instead of High CAM, I was shooting Fan CAM tonight. My job is to walk around the arena, with a camera attached to a wireless pack, and during the breaks and time-outs shoot live Jacob at work during 2nd half.commercials with a host, along with a lot of fans that the other cameras can’t get to.

It’s a lot of running around and up and down stairs and escalators, and it requires, two people working the camera. I shot the first half and my Shot Sheetpartner Jacob Lindauer shot the 2nd half.

The shot sheet on the right, shows when, where and what is to appear on the arena screens during the game. The orange highlights are the Fam Cam shots and where and what we should be shooting at any given time.

Marian University Graduation

  • 2012-0505

Marian's Graduation CeremonyI’ve been shooting Marian’s Commencement Ceremonies for Full Blown Productions for several years now. Randy Kinsley and Kristen Smith, owners of Full Blown, are old friends, so it’s always fun to work with them.

It’s a quick and easy set-up and breakdown. The shoot is about a half hour of the graduates walking in and taking their seats, and a few speeches, but once the graduates start getting their diplomas, there is so many of them, that all each cameraman has to do is to frame up their shot and lock down their camera.

The director will just switch back and forth between shots while will we stand guard over our cameras for 2 hours and twiddle our thumbs. Easy pay day.