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Pacers vs Celtics

  • 2012-0407

Cameraman's RowWell, there was no win for the Pacers tonight. The Boston Celtics just rode right over a Pacers team that just didn’t seem to be, all there. So, lets go with something else here.

When I shoot High Cam, I sit up in section 116, or what I like to call, “Camera Row”. If you look at the picture to the right, you will notice that the seats that the cameramen sit on, is attached to a track. That track makes it easier for the cameraman to swivel his chair left or right along with swinging his camera left and right.

Game Camera with Identification LabelsMy camera (highlighted here with labels) is at the far left and I shoot far the in-house screens.

I’m the Game Camera which basically means I’m just a wide shot that shows everything that is happening on the floor. I’m panning from one basket to the other all evening long. Time outs, breaks and half time are a lot better for me because I’m shooting entertainment on the floor, events in the stands or the fans.

I would much rather be shooting a shoulder-mounted camera down on the floor, but that kind of camera work is a young man’s game, and I’m not getting any younger. Nevertheless, I do so love to shoot shoulder-mounted. It’s what I do the best.

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