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Pacers vs Suns

  • 2012-0323

Game CameraHad another Pacers game tonight, and I took the pictures that I should have taken last week when I shot the Game Cam.

This week I was shooting Fan Cam, which is a regular camera that is attached to a wireless transmitter that I carry on my back. I shoot for the Fan Cam Wireless Back Packin-house screens, which means I spent all of my time up in the stands, shooting from the fans point of view. Specially during Time Outs and Half Time.

They had an announcer, I think her name was Eva, that I followed around. During the breaks in the game, she would interact with the fans, hand out A view from the Fan section, during pre-game practicepromotions or talk about the events that the Pacers wanted to highlight. I was either shooting her or segments like the “Kiss Cam”.

Anyhow, the eventing went fairly quickly.

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