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Open Heaven

  • 2012-0328

One of TV 40's StudiosSpent 5 hours in TV40’s studio shooting 4 half hour programs for a show called, “Living Under An Open Heaven”. Or, at least I think that was the name of the show.

Anyhow, it was a quick shoot, in and out and done with. I think that they are shooting Full Circle tomorrow, but I didn’t get the call for that, thou I did get the call to shoot several Pacers games next month.

Pacers vs Suns

  • 2012-0323

Game CameraHad another Pacers game tonight, and I took the pictures that I should have taken last week when I shot the Game Cam.

This week I was shooting Fan Cam, which is a regular camera that is attached to a wireless transmitter that I carry on my back. I shoot for the Fan Cam Wireless Back Packin-house screens, which means I spent all of my time up in the stands, shooting from the fans point of view. Specially during Time Outs and Half Time.

They had an announcer, I think her name was Eva, that I followed around. During the breaks in the game, she would interact with the fans, hand out A view from the Fan section, during pre-game practicepromotions or talk about the events that the Pacers wanted to highlight. I was either shooting her or segments like the “Kiss Cam”.

Anyhow, the eventing went fairly quickly.

Pacers vs Knicks

  • 2012-0317

I shot a Pacers game tonight, and I’m really pissed with myself, because I forgot to take some pictures.

I was game cam and I could have gotten some nice shots from my high up position, but it all slipped my mind. Now the moment is gone, and the Pacers lost to the Knicks.

HS Regional Games

  • 2012-0310

Hinkle Fieldhouse.jpgThis will be the last basketball game, for me, with TV40 for this season.

These two games are being played at the Hinkle Fieldhouse. We are only shooting the first two games. The final regional game tonight is contacted out to another station.

My Camera 4.jpgOur crew call was for 7:30a and we should get out of here around 2:30p, 3 at the latest.

As usual, I’m shooting camera 4, under the right basket.