Superbowl Village Friday Feb 3nd – Overcrowding

  • 2012-0203


8p – As I stand here on the Pepsi Stage waiting to shoot my 8:30p show, all I can see from the stage is wall to wall people. This is unreal!

I’m not all that sure that there will be a show. The talent can’t get to the stage. Our cameras can’t get here. Nobody can move!

9:43p – The last Pepsi show was finally cancelled. Larry did make it to the stage with 2 cameras. What should have been a 5 minute walk took him a half hour.

Of course, with the show cancelled we had to walk both cameras back. We took a round-about route. Two blocks north, 2 blocks east, and then down to the Pacer stadium.


We had to secure the tripods at the stage because there was no way we would make it back with 2 cameras and 2 tripods with one of them on a dolly.

I was exhausted!
I watched the final show at the Verizon stage from the control room.

Verizon Stage

  • Mike Epps/Morris Day and the Time
  • En Vogue
  • Fitz & the Tantrums

Pepsi Stage

  • DJ Limelight/Blackberry Jam
  • Bashiri Asad
  • Gentleman Alphonse
  • Cancelled

This is how it looked Friday night at the Pepsi Stage.
They were packed in shoulder to shoulder with very little room to move.

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