SBV Thu Jan 26th Setup

  • 2012-0126

Control RoomRainy, wet and soggy. That’s a pretty good description of the first day working at the Superbowl Village.

We will be shooting all of the staged events during Superbowl week and our cameras will be feeding the 4 jumbo screens that are lined up and down the Village walkway.

Got my credentials and secured my parking spot… well, at least until SuperBowl Sunday. The closer we get to game day, the worst it’s going to get for parking.

Camera GearMost of the work that we needed to do today, had already be done for us by Dodd, the company that was contracted to provided the sound, lighting and staging for the SuperBowl Village. All we had to do was run triax cable from Conseco Fieldhouse (which has be renamed to Bankers Life Fieldhouse) to the two stages and fax out the cameras.

It's Not Working!Everything was fine for the 3 cameras going to the Verizon Stage. The problem came for the Pepsi Stage which is farther down the street from Bankers Life. We were suppose to connect our trial cable into a Cobra box so that we could connect our cameras into the fiber optic system that Dodd had laid in for the Village. But it just didn’t work.

Cobra BoxWe spent most of our time waiting for the engineers to solve the problem. By the time I left at 6pm they hadn’t.

I think it’s going to be Plan B tomorrow for opening day.

Verizon Stage

Pepsi Stage

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