SBV Fri Jan 27th Opening Day

  • 2012-0127

KramusWe’re being payed by the Pacers, but since I’m not on their payroll, I had to go in early and sign a 1/2 inch worth of paperwork in order to get a paycheck for the next 10 days of work.

Blue Moon Revue

It would seem that their Plan B was to run cable all the way from Bankers Life to the Pepsi Stage. We had to find a number of YellowJackets to cover up the cable, but at least now, we have cameras working at both stages.

Verizon Stage

Bret Michaels
Pepsi Stage

  • Last Good Year
  • Max Allen Band
  • Blue Moon Revue

The crowds are big and will probably get bigger as the week wears on. We’re shooting the stage performances continuously, all day.

Even with breaks, it’s going to be a loooong 10 days!

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